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Friday, August 26, 2022

Information Friday


My ficus tree loves summers out on the deck!

Today's information will be a lot about what's going on with the radical left trying to keep DJT from being able to run for president again! That's mostly what this is all about including the J6 committee.


Trump endorsements are still going strong!

This woman was all over tv during the "pandemic" and wanting stronger lockdowns, more restrictions, mandatory jabs for all! She was a proponent for making life very hard for those who didn't want the jab. Now, she has seen the detriment it has been to her own child and is speaking out about it.

Fauci may be resigning but he is still going to be investigated! I also would be paying attention to what they try to do before he leaves his position. They are good at doing things under the  radar!

Bid*n and the left are a disaster! They want to destroy us.

Thankful for those who are speaking out.

The people of our nation are angry. Most will not be violent about it, that's the lefts kind of work. But we will do things like speak out, peacefully protest, and take out awesome ads in our state newspaper to troll a senator!

We have a lot of rinos in Pennsylvania, but at least some are paying attention.

Do you remember when Trump spoke at the UN and warned Germany that they were too dependent on Russia for oil? They laughed at him!

I'll leave you with these.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you for your Friday are faithful in your research and keeping us informed. I admit to being emotionally and spiritually fragile this summer but I come here every week to see what you have found to keep us informed. I admire your spiritual strength to be able to do this. I am a wimp right now. Love you, sister!

  2. Can I comment? Well, I'll find out.

    So much! One would have to have a photographic memory to retain half of it. It was interesting being at my sister's house Wednesday evening because her husband watches legacy media. I was trying not to sputter, but it was taking all my powers of concentration. If I believed what they were saying, every dim running in the primary won. I was shocked to learn that just.the.opposite. had happened. What a bunch of filthy liars they are.

    I am grateful for the doctor who is now speaking up once she realized her own son's health was compromised by the vax. That takes bravery and a level of honesty not usually seen. Most double down on their vax experience claiming it was just the right thing to do. I pray for them all. They were conned by evil and ignorance. Lord, help us all!

  3. Thank you for your diligence in providing the truth, I have been absent from blogging for quite awhile, have missed your information Friday posts!
    What has amazed me so much is how little people know about or even care that our great country is going down like the Titanic, Mitch McConnell is and has always been part of the swamp that President Trump tried to drain, just as Paul Ryan was and more who went to Washington to fatten their pockets!
    Just as you and many others, we realize our only hope is God Our heavenly Father! The good news as believers is, we WIN!!!!
    Once again, Thank You for your diligence, and patriotism! Blessings,


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Information Friday

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