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Friday, August 12, 2022

Information Friday


We'll friends, this has been quite the week. We have seen what it would be like to live in a totalitarian state. We've now lived it a little bit. I have a lot of information on the raid on Mar-A-Lago and will endeavor to put it some kind of order.

It was interesting to me that the raid began at around 6:00 am on Monday, and yet no leak or information came out about it until DJT made his first statement late in the afternoon.

Neither the  F B I nor D O J made any statement about it for a long time after DJT's statement.

Some Republicans made statements right away.

When the F B I and D O J started to release information they were behind because the people - and not just Republicans - were angry.

Yesterday they were saying they were looking for nuclear papers. I don't think so. They have been shown to be completely corrupted.

These people hate DJT because he is not one of them. They are trying to find something that can keep him from being President ever again. They fear him, because they know he knows what they've done. And they know we know.

In some other news...

All the lies will be revealed...

The left have voted to increase the IRS (which is a tax collection service) with over 70,000 armed employees. This description (which has not surprisingly been taken down from their website) of the job description is alarming.

They're planning their own police force. They've bought up a lot of ammo, too.

Of the 10 republicans who voted to impeach DJT there are only three left, and Liz Cheney's primary is this next week. Out of the 10 - two decided to retire, five have been primaried with three to go. I love to see America First candidates winning!

I agree with this!

Many people feel that the raid on Monday was an attempt to get DJT's supporters out into the streets rioting. We don't do that. They want chaos. We must choose calmness. If you see any 'maga' people out doing those things, it will be fake maga. Like on Jan6.

Let's keep praying for people to have their eyes opened. It is a really hard thing to see what is going on and to recognize that the things we've been told have been so many lies. Some people can't face it. What the ramifications might be if they started to really look.

Have a great weekend friends. You are loved.

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