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Monday, August 8, 2022


 We had a fun weekend. Kyle wanted to go bowling for his birthday, and since we were all feeling better, we went bowling! Our friends joined us and that was a lot of fun!

My Dad used to bowl in a senior league. He hadn't bowled for several years though, and while we were concerned a few times that he might fall over, he did great and enjoyed himself!

Klaire and Kaidence bowled, too. Here is after Kaidence was done, hence no shoes. These little girlies loved the claw machine and ended up with quite a few dinos and duckies.

Yesterday, after church, lunch, and a nap Tim worked on the deck railing. Kam and Klaire swam for over an hour, then we went inside and he kept working.

He got all the rails on yesterday, and now only has the gate and stairs to put up!

I took a photo of it this morning! Once the gate and stairs are done, the inspector will come, then Tim can add the ladder that attached to the deck and we'll be able to use the deck. The other ladder will be stored in the barn.

Doesn't it look great? The gate will have the same panels. This will make it nice for being able to still see the swimmers. I'm going to put a chair up there and maybe an umbrella.

He's also going to move the electrical panel to the deck as well. Then that post will be gone.

I think he's done a fantastic job on the deck and Kyle has helped him a lot with it, too. Learning real life skills!

I came across this Bonhoeffer quote again this morning and thought it was so good.

"…blessing means laying one’s hand on something and saying ‘despite everything you belong to God’. This is what we do with the world that inflicts such suffering on us. We do not abandon it; we do not repudiate, despise, or condemn it. Instead we call it back to God, we give it hope, we lay our hand on it and say: may God’s blessing come upon you, may God renew you; be blessed, world created by God, you belong to your Creator and Redeemer."

Let's keep blessing our nation and the world by calling it back to God!


  1. Glad you are all better. And had a great time. Especially your father!!!!! -smile-

    Great deck. He does wonderful work. and yes, the younger one learning life skills!!!! sooooo important!!!

    A chair and an umbrella, for sure.


  2. Bekah actually went bowling with some friends on Sunday too! Sounds like lots of fun to bowl with family and friends. Great choice, Kyle!
    Hooray for progress on the pool deck! You're almost there!

  3. That's a wonderful quote for this day.

    Tim does good work. That swimming pool deck is going to be such a blessing.

    Your dad really did well with bowling. Half the battle is not giving up!

  4. Great job on that deck! It looks real good and will be inviting with a chair and umbrella. You can pretend you are the lifeguard.


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