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Friday, August 5, 2022

Information Friday


Don't you find Echinacea charming? I do. It's a big part of my garden every year. This photo is from 2011 and there is not much Echinacea in this spot. Instead it has a very big Annabelle Hydrangea in this spot.

There were quite a few primaries this week, and the DJT endorsed candidates won big!

Kari Lake keeps gaining in numbers every time Maricopa releases a new count.

Why'd the Republican's keep Matt Salmon on the ballot? He dropped out of the race months ago.

Dr. Malone on Bill Gates

This happened on the same day in May. $40 Billon for Ukraine, but no money for those small businesses that suffered from lockdowns. They don't care about the American people anymore.

Speaking of Ukraine...

Twatter censored the jab injured Israeli Cov*d Jab director for speaking out about the jab.

This is from Twatter's Help Center about what you are not allowed to say.

We are on the brink of living the book 1984, people. 

This should be interesting. If it happens that means we would know all of Epstein and Maxwell's client list.

This is interesting, too. I heard today that Afghanistan is saying they don't know anything about a drone strike. Hmmm.

This is such great news. These companies allowed the victimization of women and children by allowing people to use their payment methods. 

Now, I am going to share several videos with you. The first one is Harriet Hageman who is running against Liz Cheney in Wyoming. She's going to beat her, too!

Dick Cheney’s new campaign video on behalf of Liz. He couldn’t be creepier and he says flat out, they want to make sure DJT can never be president again. This man is evil. Warmonger to make money for his company. No more establishment Republicans!

This guy is not a conservative or a fan of DJT but he's got the Dem's figured out. Language warning.

This is Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana. He's fun!

This last video is a bit of a tribute to Jackie Walorski, a Republican Representative from Indiana. She was killed in a car accident this week. Let's keep her family in our prayers.

We've had a bit of a summer cold going around our home this past week. We're all fine but we've been laying low and resting a lot! I hope you have a good weekend friends.


  1. Sad that much of what we hear and read can't be trusted:( I can vote and pray! Hope you all feel better soon! HUGS!

  2. Wow, so much good information as always! Thank you for compiling all this!


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Information Friday

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