Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Horses Get A Manicure

Yesterday, the farrier came to trim and shape the horses hoofs.  Sandy went first and then Cheyenne.

 Cheyenne is a grey horse normally but it pretty dirty with the snow melting and her rolling in the pasture.  You can tell she still has most of her winter coat, which is good, because in spite of the sunshine and blue skies, it was freezing cold with wind today!

You can really see how dirty she is in this photo.  The Farrier is clipping her hoof.

 And here he is filing the front of the hoof and shaping it.  That half moon white shape on the ground is some hoof trimmings.  The dirt was picked out of her hoofs.

Nearly all the snow is gone now.  Here is the last of it in front of the cottage.


  1. The horses must be feeling fine after their pedicures. 😉 And just like that all your snow is gone! I knew it.

  2. Love your horses! We had horses growing up and I really miss them. I showed them at the local shows and in 4-H. We even belonged to a saddle club - the Delta Hilltop Saddle Club! Great memories!

  3. Ah...horses. There's something magical about the idea of owning one. It's always been a dream of mine. I know that they are a ton of work and a huge expense, but I put all of that out of my mind and dream....

  4. How nice to get hoofs cleaned up, snow melting and green grass! We are not quite there yet, but the spring melt is coming along here :)

  5. You are one lucky girl to have horses...I would be so in love....I would probably sleep in the barn with kidding! That last little pile of snow...vamoose!

  6. Looks like a beautiful day! Did Miriam get a ride on the horse? :)

  7. I'm guessing the horses like being manicured like this, probably feels better. It looks warm out here but is really chilly.


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