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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dirt Under My Fingernails

 I have been spending a bit of time, everyday, in the garden.  Today after weeding 4 veggie beds, I went out to my front cottage garden and did some dead heading and cutting back on several plants.  

 I took the opportunity to use my new clippers that my husband bought for me, to bring some flower beauty into our home.

 My hydrangea are so beautiful...all hydrangea is beautiful!  I saw an oak leaf hydrangea in someone's yard today and it was stunning.

 I love the way they look in this canning jar on my piano.

I love beauty, and have always wanted a lovely garden so I could have fresh flowers in my home as often as possible.  I love to learn and started reading books about gardens and visiting gardens, especially Longwood. I bought perennials thinking long term.  Annuals bloom longer but once they are spent you need to spend money to replace them - every year.

 Perennials bloom every year or every two years.  They can easily be divided and you double the beauty in your garden.  I have given shasta daisies away to many friends.  My daisies just keep growing and I keep dividing.  My Echinacea (Purple Cone Flower) are getting huge this year as well.  So this fall I will divide those too, and move some to other flower beds, and perhaps give a few away.  Echinacea can be used medicinally for building your immune system and helping to diminish the effects of colds.

 I have also learned about herbs and love to use them in my cooking and I love to dry lavender.  Lavender is really nice tucked into your linens and is known to help you to relax.

 I pick roses that do not require a lot of maintenance.  There are great climbers and knock out roses that have all the beauty with out the work.  Of course, once I can give some other roses some attention, I will likely do it.  I fell in love with these roses last night.  Aren't they amazing?

 Over the years I have received plants from my friends gardens as well.  This is the gift and beauty of gardening.

 If you don't have anyone to help you get started with your garden by sharing plants with you, try buying some seeds.  I encourage you to use heirlooms seeds so that you can save your seeds from year to year.  

 Also at this time of year, garden centers are starting to sell their plants at a discount - they are looking ahead to Autumn already.

If you want a garden, don't be afraid.  I didn't grow up doing this kind of thing, I read, talked with friends, and learned.

So can you.

Joining the Barn Hop today at Homestead Revival.

Linking up with Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.


  1. I would love to have some of your shasta daisies someday......

    I need some fillers and they are such happy flowers.

  2. Good Gardening Day, Milady!
    How lovely - and you are so industrious to tend all the pretties so well! I will be posting some views from my wildflower garden - and they're sure to be wild, alright. We sowed the seed and let fall where they may. I love the surprises every day - And, our knock-outs were marvelous until a recent violent storm literally knocked out each and every petal! I hope they bloom again! Your long stem rose is stunning!
    Miss Kathy

  3. P.S. We live 1 hour and 15 minutes from Longwood Gardens - beautiful! Hope you can see it someday!

  4. YOur roses are just beautiful! Thank you for the anniversary wishes. ~ {{{Ruth}}}

  5. Those roses are a beautiful color!

    I need to divide my lilies... is fall the best time?

  6. I blinked twice coming in for a visit today...wasn't sure that I was really at Creekside Cottage... ☺

    You're so right...just leap in and get started if you've always wanted to have a flower garden. It doesn't take too much effort and there are many rewards.

  7. LOL! I'm with Vee - I had to double check I was in the right place. Love the bright yellow!

    I love flowers and yours are just beautiful. Especially the hydrangeas (my favorites).


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