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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blinker Bob

 A few weekends ago my Dad's fire company had their yearly company dinner.  They decided to do a picnic this year.  A large percentage of the company is made up of Amish, who are very community minded.  

 Many of the ladies help with the monthly breakfast - all you can eat for $6.00.  It is a great breakfast.  The money from these breakfasts go to pay off the companies new fire truck. 

 The families often all where the same color, but there seemed to be several 'couples' who were dressed in the same colors.  That is pretty unusual, as they usually keep who their courting a secret.
 See the same color dresses?  This dad was wearing his fire company shirt.

The Amish are a friendly, warm people.  Each community is a bit different from each other.  There are two communities who serve with the fire company.  One of the bishops is a lot more strict than the other community's bishop.  And when they vote for officers they all discuss ahead of time and then all vote for the same person.  They really like my Dad and liked when he was the president of the company - in fact they asked him to run.  The head of the Amish with the company said to him "If you run we'll back you."  They knew that he would do things in an honorable way.

They also love to tease him that with our family being so close and the fact that they are going to add on to our house, that he must really be Amish!

The biggest honor he has received from the Amish community is that they have given him a nickname.  This is a big deal - it means he is accepted by the community.  The Amish use alot of the same names so they often use nicknames to identify who they are talking about.  A girl may be identified by her father's name such as "Levi's Mary"  or a guy may be "Smithy John."  

My Dad's nickname was given to him by one of the family's children - Dad always drops by and picks up this family's dad when they get a call and with his volunteer blue lights flashing the kids would always call out to their dad "Blinker Bob is here, Blinker Bob is here!"  Now he is known in many different communities as "Blinker Bob."  In fact when Dad and Lindsay go to a certain tack shop that is Amish owned he is greeted by them "Hey Blinker Bob!"  He also gets a deal on things.

This has perks for me too.  "Oh, you're Blinker Bob's daughter!  Well, you can have these tomatoes for less." 

This post was done today for my friend Jane who lives in Florida.  She is interested in all things Amish.  I was thinking of you today friend, and missing you.  Much love!


  1. I live among the Amish, too. It is a peaceful way to live. :) Once in a blue moon I'll snap some photos out our way, but they are fairly shy around cameras. Today, we are headed to Belleville Amish auction. Looking forward to getting some good deals!

  2. Cute nickname!

    They didn't mind have their photos taken? I think it's wonderful that so many of the Amish volunteer on the fire department...I had no idea!

  3. Cute nickname. Your daddy must be an honorable man to be held up in such respect to the amish!

  4. What a sweet posting. Bless your Dad.We will be staying in Strasburg for the next week with our family. we have been doing this for years. We have always loved Lancaster County,and would love to re-locate their someday.But for now, we enjoy the Amish and all things Lancaster each year. Some people choose Disney, we choose quiet peace-filled Strasburg. You are most fortunate to live in Lancaster County,and also to have your extended family live in with you.I really enjoy your postings, you seem to live out what you believe, may God continue to bless you as you serve Him. There is no greater joy. Dawn E. Brown

  5. How wonderful to live with such a fascinating people. And to have them be part of your daily life... It must be such an honor to 'Blinker Bob' to be held in esteem by people who set their standards so high!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. What a sweet story and that is a very cute nickname. Your dad must be a man of integrity to have gained their trust like that. (o:

    Like the rest, I was surprised to see that they allowed you to take photos of them.

  7. I love this post. it's hard not to be inspired by their simplicity of life.

  8. How interesting! I would have thought, not knowing any better, that these lovely people were Mennonites. (That's because we have a Mennonite community in my corner and they wear similar clothing.) Enjoy your prestige as Blinker Bob's daughter!

  9. Great post! I can't believe you took photos of some of them facing you and that you posted them online! I do love the photos though.


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