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Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Outfit For Evangeline

 This is Sarah's doll Evangeline.  She needed a new outfit and we came to her rescue!  

  The fabric is all remnants from my stash.  A nice linen blend for the top and a sweet cotton print for the skirt.

I think it turned out so cute!  In fact, Emily would like me to make her a shirt like this! 

Sarah is thrilled with her first project. The skirt is an elastic waist and we used snaps on the shirt instead of velcro, because as Sarah said "Velcro gets string and all the annoying stuff in it and then it stops working right."  So there you have it.

Evangeline comes from a company called Vision Forum.  We love many of their products! The doll we have was made by the German doll company Goetz, and is, according to the woman who did some repair work on 4 of our dolls (including American Girl, and Madame Alexander), a very well made doll.  She has hair that can be washed and she can stand on her own.  In looking at the website I see that they have renamed this doll "Jubilee."  Rachel has "Liberty." 

The pattern we used was Simplicity 4364.

Rachel is away today, but I have a feeling this weekend will see her finishing her doll outfit.

I am happy with how this first sewing experience went for Sarah.  She enjoyed it and it eager to learn more, and to sew again!  


Becky K. said...

Very cute. I like the idea of snaps over velcro.

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful skill to be developing - with such a beautiful outcome! I have a feeling this is the start of something "BIG"!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness, too cute! I just might have to make a few of these outfits for my niece! Thanks for sharing the idesa, and linking me! God bless your day! ~ Ruth

Melissa G said...

Very cute! Good job Sarah!

Vee said...

OOps! Have I been sitting under your window all this time? My computer is so sticky like that. Still, it gives me the perfect opportunity to say that the doll outfit came out beautifully. I imagine that she'll have an enviable wardrobe soon now that you've a new sewer in the family.

Unknown said...

great job Sarah! very nice

Kelly said...

Very cute! Congratulations on a job well done, Sarah!


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