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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Garden In June

 I asked Rachel to take photos of the garden...this is the strawberry bed.

 Aren't they pretty?  They taste so good.

 Something has been nibbling on the bean leaves...

 The heirloom tomatoes are doing really well...I weeded this bed today while Tim worked on my mower.  I stopped it for something while by the garden and it wouldn't restart...he got it going again, my hero! 

 Four new beds this year...this one, I think, is squash and peppers.  I know our Georgia friends will be surprised how far our growing season is behind theirs!

 Our cilantro is flowering down on the other will go to seed soon.

 When we moved to our cottage there was a mulberry shrub.  Now it is a big tree, with lots of fruit on it!  The kids feet are purple at this time of year, and they eat a lot of the berries.  I made jam from them last year and it was good, so I may try it again this year.

 Robin's nest in the mulberry tree...

 Tomorrow, I will try to show you the flower beds...I don't have a lot in bloom right now, though.  The echinacea is growing well, and the I have a few black eyed susan's blooming...the feverfew is growing well, as usual and my hydrangea has flowers...they are not in bloom yet though!  I love hydrangea!  

Well, if I keep talking I will have nothing to post about tomorrow!  For those of you who asked, No, I did not go to lunch with my husband! boo hoo.  He loaned his truck to our neighbor to use so it wasn't available, and the kids had my van lunchie outie.  We did go look at fruit trees though, when our neighbor was back with the truck!  That was fun!  Maybe tomorrow we can go.  The younger set are off to Camp Geezer for the night!  They are envisioning lots of swimming for tomorrow!  It is going to be hot enough, too! 

Lindsay is excited about giving her first riding lesson of the season tomorrow!  Abigail is one of her favorites and is coming for a lesson in the new arena! 

I just love my family and the busyness of daily life.  It's not without it's challenges, but we try to show love and kindness to one another daily.  Katy had a beautiful post about this very thing over at her blog today.  If you click on her name it will take you there!

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Thanks for coming by and for saying hi!

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Tracy said...

Beautiful gardens! And those strawberries? YUM! I don't think I'd tire of them even if we got them fresh year round.

On my walk each morning, I walk underneath several mulberry trees that line the road. It appears the owner don't do anything with the berries. Too bad!

Mama to 12, so far said...

Hi! Garden and mulberry tree look great!

Karen said...

Your season is ahead of ours...I'm a little bit envious.

We are apparently donating all our strawberries to the chipmunks again this year. They're happy to eat them before they get quite ripe enough for us-enjoy yours!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Your garden looks great! Yummy homegrown strawberries. You are behind us in Georgia. It's so hot now I think my garden may be done next month!

Vee said...

That was a quick answer to the lunch question. Hope that you get to go soon. Your raised beds look wonderful. We're going to make one this year along the new fence. I hope. The lawn slopes making it almost impossible to keep things properly watered. I'm taking note of the herbs...echinacea, feverfew...hmmm...

Lynn said...

Your raised beds are so nice, the plants look happy! I'm gathering mulberries right now too-enjoy:@)

Rae said...

Your garden seems to be at about the same stage that ours is out here in Oregon. Sure wish the sun would come out a bit more. :)

Just found your blog, and I'm gonna work my way through. I do wish I had a mulberry tree again. Yum! Have a lovely week!

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