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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"If you remain silent because what you say could be taken wrongly, you will never speak."

This is a quote that a friend posted on her blog today.  Interesting timing as I have been pondering this very thing lately.  I have been asking the Lord if I am blogging about the things He wants me to.  
I want my blog to be a place of Hospitality, Encouragement and Friendship.  I want you to feel welcome here, just like you would if you came to my home.  But just as you would hear my heart for the Lord, my family, and others if we were visiting and fellowshipping here in my home, that is what I want you to 'hear' from my blog.  I want you to leave this place knowing that you are welcome here, that I care, and I want you to be encouraged.

I began to blog because as I read blogs, I found out that I was not alone in the world!  There were so many ladies out there that cared about the things that I care about and this was so encouraging to me!  I wanted to do the same thing, and perhaps inspire and encourage women to love the Lord, love their families, to love their homes, and like me use their homes as a place of outreach.

As I started to do this I have developed such precious friendships with ladies that I found through blogging.  I have been blessed to meet several of these folks and a few families as well!  So wonderful and encouraging. 

On the other hand, there has been criticism.  Funny isn't it that when I go to post now I think "Oh, I am sure I will hear about this!" or "Better not say that," instead of "I know this will be a blessing to ____," so I end up not posting about the things on my heart.

It is good to be on guard with our tongues, to be careful about what is shared.  This is public after all!  

But I am wanting to get to the place where I don't worry about who might be upset by my sharing what the Lord is teaching me.  To be free again like I was in the beginning.  

Have you dealt with this?  How were you able to get your 'voice' back or at least to the place you would like it to be?


Becky K. said...

For me it is good discipline to speak from the heart with love. Always being true to my convictions but speaking the truth in love.

I've gotten bolder in some areas and definitely shy away from others. Keeping my love of politics to a minimum on the blog but my love of Jesus at the forefront.

This is your blog. People don't have to come here.....try to remember that and blog from your heart. I think you'll be amazed at the outpouring of support from those who feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have gone through these same emotions, Mrs. Rabe. There are times I post about family, fun, and recipes. But there are times I hear from the Lord. Not in an audible voice, but a tugging and prompting during my Bible study. That is when I know I must write. If I do not obey the prompting, I am in disobedience to the Lord. As Paul wrote, we can not be afraid what man thinks. On the other hand, our words should be sweet. The Bible, the foundation that guides my life, will never change, and my core will not either, except to draw closer to Him. I, too, get those "thoughts," but it is better to obey God, rather than man! Your posts are always a blessing. We have to answer to Him for our words. Keep speaking truth and encouragement. You are a valued member of the body of Christ! ~ Ruth xo

Dawn E. Brown said...

"We believe no more than we obey"...Keep being obedient to the promptings of the Lord and you will never have to worry about what others think.Your blog is a tremendous blessing to so many.Praying for you...

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I think you should just blog what you want regardless of what other's think. Delete the critical comments and just know there are always going to be people that disagree with you. You have to follow your heart or else it'll stop being something you enjoy doing.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

After five years of blogging, I've come to the place I just have to be myself and not be concerned as long as I'm careful not to say things I know will offend.

But like you, it's usually been the things I never even thought would offend that has prompted some nasty comment.

Recently I had someone complain that I would even provide a link to a survivalist site that includes owning weapons but I ignored the complaint as 1) I gave people fair warning and 2) I personally have no problems with shotguns and such... living near enough to a forest that we wake up to the sound of shotguns in hunting season.

The only time I have actually said something in the blog about a nasty comment was when I was concerned everyone had a problem with what was said... and that was only twice in five years.

I have come to realize there will be a core group that keeps coming back and are like minded to the rest of us... and then there will be those who just come and go.

As Mr. Rogers would say, "I like you just the way you are". :)

Vee said...

Yes, I have. It is the reason I don't have comments open on Sundays and it's the reason I have an ongoing post in my sidebar for commentary on all things political. I don't use "the front page" for those things even though they are near and dear to my heart. I'm only just getting to know you so I can not advise, but I do know this, you are open to what the Lord wants for you and you will do it. Yup. I'm already convinced of that.

tea time and roses said...

Hello Ginger,

It took a couple years before I decided to blog. In that time I so enjoyed reading and became so inspired by so many lovely women in blogland. I knew from the start mine would be a blog of sharing my love for my Saviour Lord, life, family and crafting... I often tell people..."I am a Christian who blogs with lots of wonderful facets of me to share.:o) But it seems that some feel if I am a Christian my blog should be a ministry blog and have had a few shy away because I don't quite fit. I listen to my heart and share what is there. Is not that what blogging is all about.:o)



tea time and roses said...

Sorry I just left sweet Ginger's blog. So sorry for the mix-up in the name, but I knew it was you.:o)


lusi said...

Just stumbled across your blog and yes I have felt the same way many times! Especially when God is leading you in a direction that goes against the grain. May you continue to speak the promptings of your heart as He leads you.
Lusi x

jean said...

Been there and feeling the same way. I, too, want my blog to be an uplifting one that will help people to think on the Lord. May the Lord continue to give you the wisdom in what you post to glorify Him.

Kelly said...

I haven't received any complaining comments about my blog, but maybe that is because everything I post is very thought out as I try to be very careful not to post anything I think might upset someone. Maybe I am too careful and my blog isn't as spiritually and morally deep and meaningful as I would like it to be because I am too careful. I haven't given much thought to that. I will have to re-evaluate my posting and seek the Lord's guidance as well.

However, I think you do a wonderful job. I find your blog to be honest and inspiring and uplifting. I don't remember ever seeing anything negative or offensive here.

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