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Thursday, June 16, 2011

On My Mind

 I bought this fabric a while ago, and was going to do a rag quilt with it, but didn't.  I found out recently that my nephew and niece in law's baby that is due in October is a boy!  I remembered the fabric and stitched up the squares on the machine and am now hand stitching around each square!

What a joy to make a gift that is both beautiful and practical!

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  1. I really love your fabric. What a lovely gift you've made with it.

  2. That is some adorable fabric; I'm sure they will LOVE IT!

  3. What great fabric! Is this a surprise? I imagine they will be thrilled to bits.

  4. Peeked in last night and wondered how you did this? I'm still wondering today. :D

  5. Cute!

    We sure treasure the one you made for our DD! You are talented & have a good eye/good taste in fabric

  6. I remember when you bought that material. I think your quilt is so cute! I'm sure your relatives will love it for their little one.


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