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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Centerpiece And An Update

I wanted to show you the centerpiece I have on our table. 

 Here is a bird's eye view!

Our farmhouse table, that Tim made seven years ago, is in the middle of our kitchen.  We don't have a dining room, and we are okay with that, but it does tend to be the center of all our living!

 I decided not to edit this photo - though I may do so in the future.  You can see what I mean about it being the center of our living in our home - there is mail and a laptop and charging cord in the background of this photo.  I've been working on Christmas cards and small packages from this table as well! 

Kyle has been building Lego creations and listening to the Hobbit here today, also.

I love the lantern and the oranges with clove, and the peppermint sticks, the dried orange slices, and the string of 'mercury glass' lights from the Dollar Spot at Target.  It all worked for me this year.

I had a one week check up on my eye, and I am happy to report that I have 20/20 vision in the right eye now!  Its doing great and I am down to two drops 4x a day now for the next few weeks.  Only one more week to wear my plastic eye guard at night!

I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas season!


  1. Your Christmas centerpiece is beautiful! On the times that we have visited in your home, I have always admired your centerpiece tray of lovelies!

    Glad to hear that recovery is still going well! I am almost looking forward to the day that I will need cataract surgery. 20/20 vision is quite appealing!

  2. We have a busy table as well. It suits us fine (and the three of us range in age from 66-90). We do jigsaw puzzles on it (carried in on a board from the living room where it sits in between meals) have our devotions around it, and do chores at it - such as de-stemming grapes for the grape salad I'm sending with hubby to a party at his office tomorrow.... Oh, and of course, meals, too!

  3. Yay for such a wonderful report! Is it true that the whole world looks brighter and more colorful again?

    Beautiful centerpiece and I love that you do not get too frustrated by the fact that the table is in use. That is also true here. My centerpiece has been shoved to one side and there are ribbons, scissors, string, tape, and paper on mine.

  4. Well win first prize on this beautiful centerpiece! I absolutely love it! Your home is just warm and charming! Congrats on your vision results! Fantastic! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Your centrepiece must have the room smelling heavenly Deanna. Good news on your eye, I don't think I've ever had 20/20 vision.

  6. Good news!! Your clove studded oranges reminded me of how much I love to do those. I will send Louis Dean to the grocery store tomorrow!
    I think your table looks perfect!


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