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Monday, December 12, 2016

Two Weeks Until Christmas

Have you finished shopping yet?  I haven't but I am not stressed about it at all.  Yet, anyway!  

I have my guys to shop for and I am looking at some items online, as well.  We also sometimes just buy a family gift, or give a family  gift card.  It's sometimes just a little something to say, 'Merry Christmas!'  Like my cappuccino muffins!

 I love getting together with friends this time of year - sharing time with them is a gift.

 This time of year has birthdays and our anniversary, too.  Tim's birthday is on Christmas Eve, and Lindsay's birthday is January 1st and our 29th wedding anniversary is on January 2nd.

 I'll be baking cookies and muffins today, with the kids, some for eating here and some to give away.  I think we may watch a Nutcracker movie, also.

We still need to find a night to go look at Christmas lights.  Tomorrow we are having a shopping day out in Chadd's Ford. I like to go to Terrain, and we will go into Delaware to Trader Joe's.  

I am celebrating Christmas (Christ's coming) in small ways this year and finding it a delight to my soul.  How about you?

 I am blessed in that my family loves to celebrate but they have no big expectations!  Just our small traditions and fun.

 Emma will not be with us this Christmas for the first time, since she was born.  She will be with her own sweet little family down south.  Then they are headed to Vinnie's family's home for New Year's celebrations.  We will miss them, but are having fun boxing up a package of gifts - things useful, yummy, delightful.  

 I'm sure we will FaceTime on Christmas Day to wish them a happy Christmas and to say "I love you!"  That's the best thing about Christmas, isn't it?

We can share love with our loved ones, but also with those who are harder to love, or those who have no one to love them.  We all need that love that came because God choose to send Jesus to us.

May God enlarge our hearts to see those who are hurting, and who need love, and give us the courage to love them.


  1. I love how you just dive into the the Christmas spirit!

  2. You will surely miss your girl and her family, but things are so much better these days with FaceTime available. No, I am not all done shopping either. I spent much of the day clearing the yard. I had to do it in three sessions as it was just too much to power through all at once. Left you a little note on your comment as they no longer come to my inbox...more's the pity. Oh, another thing, I took your recommendation about Ember Falls. A book for each grand. Plus, they are getting a Bible this year and another recommended book Lost on a Mountain in Maine...a true story. That one is coming with compasses. Ha!

  3. Last 2 paragraphs - kind of "wrap" up the essence of Christmas.
    Your photos are so great and inspire me to initiate a few more "small ways" of celebrating this rich season ♥

  4. I love this post, Deanna! I'm sorry your daughter won't be home this time. I know how much I miss ours when they're not here. Wishing you and your family many blessings this Christmas season!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  5. I am so not finished with my shopping...a victim of my own procrastination. But a few more things were checked off the list today. It will get done.

    Christmas is a delightful time of celebration. The simplest things are sometimes the best!

    I am glad that you have those lovely memories of your trip to Scotland on your Christmas tree!

  6. You will miss your girl, and she will certainly miss you, too. Sounds like you are doing well with your preparations. A little bit every day is what I'm attempting.

  7. I'm doing much the same. Instead of a big Ladies Christmas Tea, I am hosting a couple of small luncheons or dinners each week this month. Instead of giving large expensive gifts, I'm making Texas Trash and Fruitcake Cookies and Pumpkin Muffins among other things. Keeping it simple. I may still be shopping a little into Christmas week but I'm not worried.
    Loved seeing your beautiful tree and all your ornaments!
    Merry Christmas from Texas!


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