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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Weekend Doings

When I was at Aldi on Friday, I found some box mixes for Ghirardelli Chocolate brownies.  I have an awesome from scratch recipe for brownies, but these boxes were priced so low that I bought several.

Today I used two to make a 9x13 pan of brownies.

 I like to have baked goods available for weekends, that's when we tend to have people drop in or come after church.

I added some espresso chocolate chips I bought at Aldi around Thanksgiving time and put in my freezer.

These are not on plan for me but I did have a wee tiny piece.  I have some of my own treats in the fridge so that I don't get too off plan!

Tonight I am slow roasting a turkey, and tomorrow I'll roast some potatoes and make a green bean casserole and we'll enjoy a nice meal as a family.  It's lovely to hang out together as we know they won't be in our home many more years.  Savoring our time together while we can.

Its cold this weekend and getting colder this coming week.  We are forecasted to get some snow on Wednesday.  We are enjoying our wood stove's heat and our warm flannel sheet and cozy blankets!

I hope you all have a great Sunday.


  1. I'll have to check our Aldi for that. Christopher actually likes boxed mix brownies more than my homemade! I think they tend to be chewier. I tried the orange dark chocolate and it IS delicious!

  2. Ha! I'm about to head for Aldis this morning, I'll have to look for the mix. I need to get some sweets made for several events.

  3. That just sounds like the best weekend ever!! I am going to ALDI and I hope I can find some of those Brownie Mixes!! My son in law dearly loves brownies but prefers the box mix kind! Really!!


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