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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas This And That

I thought this fine, COLD morning was a perfect one for a bit of a chat.

I hung some fresh greens (Frasier fir cuttings from out tree) on our chandelier.  I love the way it looks but not sure about the faux berry garland. 

Emma and I did FaceTime in the afternoon yesterday.  It was sweet to have a visit with her and Isla, and I got Isla to smile and talk with me!  This photo is one Emma sent me last week.  Love those chunka munka thighs!

 I saw this adorable gingerbread kit and thought immediately of two people.  My sister in law who loves British Caravans, and Sherry of {and wear pearls} who beautifully restores vintage trailers.
My sister in law is recovering from a spinal fusion surgery and was able to get out yesterday and find this at her local Wal-Mart for $4.99  Amazon shows it for $24.99 with free shipping with Prime.  That is a big difference in price, though my sister in law sent me a photo yesterday showing it at $49.99 on Amazon!  I thought it must be typos, because the price difference is crazy!

I'm heading to our Costco early today to be there when they open.  Saturday mornings are the best time to go to Costco at the holidays otherwise its crazy parking!

I wrapped gifts last evening and that was helpful to see that I have lots of things for Kamryn and my girls, lots of stocking stuffers, but nothing for my guys yet.  Well, I have one thing for Tim.  I'll try to remedy some of that today.

I love to shop for my family, its fun to find small treasures they'll love!

What are you doing today?  How's your shopping going?


Lorrie said...

Sounds like a day filled with Christmas preparations. Enjoy! We're on a ferry heading off into a grey, misty sea en route to an early Christmas dinner with my parents and siblings on the mainland.

Vee said...

Isla is adorable and those chubby little thighs are too. Love the greenery AND the berries on your chandelier. That camper is darling...$4.99 sounds good. I drove in and out of at least one parking lot today, which means that I shall be up bright and early in the morning in order to beat the snowstorm and the crowds.

podso said...

What a cute candy camper! Isla is growing quickly, how nice she can face time with her grandma!

Deanna said...

iPod.....adorable! Laughed out loud.

Deanna said...

ipood...adorable. Laughed out loud.


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