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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Change In Plans

Reality has hit our wedding plans.

We really tried to hold on as long as we could.  Then we decided we'd do a very small wedding on their planned date, and a big reception in August.

However, our governor has extended our county's shelter at home plan until April 30th.  That was kind of the last straw.  Now we can't use our church, or our pastor until after that date.  And that is unless they extend it again! Yikes!

We're looking at dates that work in May.  It will still be a small gathering, we could even do it here potentially. We're planning the larger reception at our original venue, with everyone wearing their wedding clothes, etc.  I think we'll be celebrating many things at that reception!

She goes this week to pick up her dress from the seamstress, they are working on dates with their photographer, I'll be able to order flowers again by the end of the month.  So many details, and everyone affected by this virus.

We had tears last night.  We fought to keep their original date! As the virus hit, and requests came in to stay out of large groups, we made changes to plans, but we kept saying, "But, we're having a wedding on the 25th!" That last bit of hope was crush when the shelter in place until the end of April was extended.

We are still trusting God's goodness and His love for us all.  Weston and Rachel know that even though they don't understand the why, He does!  They know this is part of their life story that God is writing.

March seemed so long this year.  We're hoping the month of April goes by much quicker!

Praying for good health and strength for us all!


  1. Amen to good health. Such a big decision to make and you all have decided wisely. Many blessings to the couple. If this thing continues to extend out, a new decision can be made. The kids are not limited in their choices.

  2. It is so hard for these couples who are having to change their plans. It is the same here also.

  3. I'm sorry to hear this Deanna, I know it's a huge disappointment. Hopefully, this will pass quickly and they will get a chance to make it official and celebrate big!!

  4. I second on what Vee said. I just want to add, I just know it. smiles

  5. Yes, what a story they will have to tell their children and grandchildren! It's wonderful that the kids realize they don't have to understand the why, they can completely trust the God who does know why. He has a good purpose.

    Elizabeth George says we can look at all of the inexplicable things in life and file them between the "bookends" of God's wisdom and God's knowledge (Romans 11:33). I've clung to that thought many times.

  6. So sorry to hear of your change in plans as I can only imagine how devastating that must be. As you said all in God's time, but some times that can be hard to accept when plans, especially good plans like this, get changed. Will pray for Rachel and Wes! Stay safe and healthy!

  7. I'm so sorry, that must be very disappointing for the bride and groom. You and your family will be in my prayers. I know we can all find comfort in the fact that God is at the helm and directs us in ALL that we do. May is a beautiful time of year for a wedding! Stay well!

    Hugs and Love,

  8. This makes my heart sad. I totally love that Rachel and Wes know that God is writing their story. But I also totally understand the tears and the bitter disappointment. I am praying for them.

    One day, our faith will be sight!

  9. I know this was a huge disappointment but there was no choice here. They might consider getting married at the end of the year...yes, I think when things begin to flatten, it will take that long for safe somewhat normal long as you have health, you have it all....

  10. I'm so sorry. So many disappointments this month. Friends here had their wedding and streamed it to the guests, but that is complicated and certainly not the same. Could you imagine wedding pictures with everyone in a mask? Such surreal times. You all seem to have a good attitude and it's no doubt God is in control of all of this. I feel your mama's heart though. Blessings on you all at this time.

  11. This pandemic is wreaking havoc with so many arrangements. Our church music director eloped and will have a larger wedding party once this is over. My daughter's mother-in-law passed away on Tuesday, and only 11 people are permitted at the burial. It's very sad.

  12. I can imagine the disappointment. It's been interesting to see a few couples decidea to get married at home and celebrate later. Definitely reminds me of what many did during war times... Today my husband is conducting a graveside service. Another hard thing. ❤️


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