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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Cheerful Things

 I've decided that I need to focus on CHEERFUL things.  Too many issues crowding into my mind and causing frustration.  I'm sure you all know what I mean.  We've all had to deal with unprecedented events and changes to our daily lives.  It still seems surreal to me at times.

During this time, I've had all the emotions as changes have happened, and I am the one in the family to carry everyone's feelings along with mine.  I'm the one who listens to everyone's feelings and thoughts about how they are doing in this time, and at times I feel overwhelmed!

Added to that, I haven't been sleeping well, due to sciatica pain at night.  I'm working on it, doing all the things one should do, but I'd dearly love a good nights sleep again.

So, because of all the stress and unknown things, and all the feelings and the lack of sleep, I realized that I really need to work to keep my focus on the Lord, and on Cheerful Things. 

Today, I took note of all the sweet things in my hallway.  A wood sign painted by Aimee Weaver and bought by Rachel, as a gift to me, at a sale Aimee had at her home. This sweet bunny from Edith Holden's book "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady," my darling Susan Branch calendar.

These things all make me smile and bring a reminder of WHO is really in control, and that leads to thankfulness, and ultimately brings me to PEACE, and we all know that PEACE is a person - Jesus.

I hope that in my sharing here, I can encourage you all, too.


  1. Indeed. He, and He alone, is our peace. "Whatsoever things are lovely..."

  2. Very encouraging, Deanna. It's so easy to let gloom swallow us up.

  3. The days are getting long and running together. My sister describes it as a dream that she hopes we wake from soon. It's a continual need to refocus throughout the day on joy and all that God has done for us--stones of remembrance.

  4. Indeed, peace is what He offers and rest. So, I pray that you are able to sleep through the night and that pain does not wake Jesus name.
    Susan Branch brings smiles wherever she ends up!

  5. Me TOO! I am also having trouble sleeping, no pain... just can't sleep or wake up a lot. I am trying to focus on the positive in my life and things that are in my control. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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