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Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday Five

This is the first week, I've had trouble with what day it is.  I think it's because Sarah and Tim were both home on Monday, it seemed like it must still be the weekend.

Today's five is photos of things around my living room. 

1. This wire basket (Target Dollar spot last year) with garden books, an antique ball jar with zinc lid and some faux greenery always makes me smile.

2.  This clock stopped working years ago, but it was an anniversary gift we bought for ourselves, so I wanted to keep it.  I painted it with chalk paint and gave it new life.  The books in the photo, are mostly all from our library's used bookstore.  You can buy these books for $4.00 each!

3. This basket for throw blankets is one of the best things ever!

4. My sweet friend Annie  gave me this hand painted sign a few years ago when she and her Momma came for tea.  I treasure this gift, but I treasure the giver even more.

5. My maidenhair fern died, but my ivy lives!  It likes this spot on the bookcase by the big window.

 After dealing with the reality of having to change Rachel's wedding date, etc, yesterday was just a sort of down day for me emotionally.

I'm good now.  I took sometime to be in the Word, and to remember that my Father knows.  I can trust Him, even when I don't understand why.

Today, I am praying for my friend Tammy's daughter Emily.  Emily is a nurse and on the front lines.  My prayer for Emily today is that she would have joy, and be source of encouragement and blessing to her patients.  I'm praying for her health, and that if she does get the virus, that it would be very mild.  Feel free to join me!

Happy Weekend, Friends.


  1. Your 'still life' moments put a smile on my face. I am sorry about the wedding delay for Rachel. It is disappointing. I have a niece contemplating the same thing right now. Thankfully He gives comfort and joy in the midst. A little prayer for Emily and others like her. Grace and mercy. Joy and peace. Protection and health.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend... stay safe.
    Brenda xox

  2. This is the first time you haven't known what day it is? You are doing great! I have calendars for that. Wonderful pictures of your home...I like that basket and your broken clock...mine's broken, too, but when something belongs to the ancestors... Hope that you have a good, calm weekend planned with Tim home. Does Sarah work Saturdays?

  3. What beautiful photos, smiles. Keeping all in prayer during this difficult time.

  4. your pictures offer great d├ęcor and grouping ideas for me .. thank you!
    i'm so sorry Rachel's wedding has been postponed. please accept this virtual hug from many miles away, friend. and please know i'm lifting prayer heavenward for your family and so many others. we're snuggled in and sheltering in place.. and it snowed. again. last night.

  5. Joining you in prayer for Emily! I think we are all having some down days, I keep praying for us all make it thru this healthy. Lots of things are being canceled or delayed. Celebrations will be rescheduled! Have a blessed day, sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!


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