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Monday, April 27, 2020

Sharing My Kick In The Pants, And Encouragement

These lovely photos are from David Austin Roses Instagram account and they shared them so you could screen shot them, and use them for backgrounds on your phone or tablet. 

Aren't they lovely?  Feel free to copy them from here, too!

Saturday was a rough day for me.  Nearly every hour I thought about what we SHOULD have been doing at that time.  10:00am - the bridal party should be just about ready to go get photos taken, 12:45 pm - everyone would be seated at the venue and we'd be ready for the processional to start.  3:00 pm - The reception would be well under way.  You get the idea.  I cried off and on all day.

Rachel and Wes went hiking.  They had made their peace with God about the day.  She said, "If we were meant to be married today, we would be."  How did my kid get so wise? {smile}

Now, you should know but I'll say it anyway, we are not angry with God.  None of us have blamed him, or hold bitterness toward him.  But I was unhappy that things weren't going how I had planned them to be going.

I needed to be reminded to leave it in God's hands, and trust Him.  As our lockdown here continues, and will continue to slowly open up in May, we are finding that we need to make changes to how the wedding will happen on the 16th.  I've always felt like a flexible person, and quick on my feet at adapting to changes etc, but I've resented that as we get past peak with this virus, we are getting MORE restrictions not less.

My devotional the other day, and today on the Truth for Life Instagram account, I got a nice 'kick in the pants' and a loving reminder to run the race set out for me, keeping my eyes on Jesus.  You can see it {here}.

Tomorrow, I'm going to write about missing hospitality.  Have a great Monday!


Vee said...

Heading to a funeral in driving rain, sometimes snow squalls on the 27th of April. it's a challenge to run that race sometimes. Isn't it wonderful when a child ministers to us? I am impressed with Rachel and Wes's faith and testimony. Many blessings to them!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Stephanie was suppose to be leaving with a group of homeschoolers (including Elisabeth who is graduating) to Europe in a couple weeks. Everything was cancelled. I think of all those seniors who will never get that opportunity again. I saw on TV where couples were getting married and sharing on Zoom with family and friends. Not what they expected!! I admire your courage, my friend.

Lorrie said...

It was a tough day, but you got through it. Wes and Rachel have a wonderful attitude. Isn't it something when we can learn from our children? I wrote about a "wedding" we attended on my blog. They had a ceremony with just 13 people (immediate family) and dinner with the same. Be strong and courageous.


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