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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Cottage Garden: Roses

For many years I only had two climbing roses because I was a busy mom of six and felt like I didn't have time to 'baby' roses.  Now most of my kids are grown and I have learned about different kinds of roses, and I have taken the plunge into growing roses.

I have long been a fan of David Austin Roses. His English garden roses are beautiful and smell like roses should!  They are multi-petaled, and have a wide variety of colors.  When the catalog comes every year, I grab a cup of tea and spend time savoring the beauty.

Here is one of my Septer'd Isle roses from David Austin. 


None of my roses are blooming yet but the plants are looking very good.

I'll be happy when we can get mulch again!

I have a few other roses that are not David Austin, and I like them, too.  In fact one of them, a red climber, is not going to have anything to climb on this year, unless I can find a new arbor.  The one Tim built for my 15 years ago, bit the dust and had to be taken down.  I've seen some I like online, but until work picks back up we are not going to be buying incidental items that are wants not needs.

I hope you are well.  We are doing very well.  Our governor extend our stay at home by one week, making it May 8th before we can get businesses open again.  Tennessee is opening up on May 1st.  It all feels very political and that's all I'm going to say about that here on my blog.


  1. You are collecting such beautiful roses, I too like the old fashioned roses that smell like roses!

  2. Very political indeed... Your David Austin roses are much more lovely than my Knock-out roses. I have quite a lot of pruning to do, but it is cold and windy here and so it will have to wait. We are learning ever so much about waiting.

  3. Your roses are beautiful! We are doing well here in Texas but I'm starting to rebel a little in my thoughts and think "I'm not staying home forever!" So far, our governor has been reasonable, but we'll see what he says next week.

  4. Your roses are gorgeous! I like roses to smell like roses too. I have a few rose bushes that have a lovely fragrance but no David Austin roses.
    Our Island is still closed to anyone coming in except the Snowbirds coming home from the south. There certainly is a lot of politics going on here in Canada too but for the Island, our Premier and our health officials have taken very good care of us. We have the lowest number of covid cases in the country. We are very thankful for that!

  5. Your roses are gorgeous and the plants do indeed look so healthy this spring. I too like a rose to smell like a rose!

    And I agree with you, it does feel very political. Praying for wisdom for our governors!

  6. My D A rose, Darcey Bussell, has produced her first flower. She is always the first one in the garden to flower. It will be a while before all my others come out.

  7. Your assortment of roses is perfect for your cottage garden!! I love plants that produce color all summer long.

  8. I am very fond of David Austin roses, too. In fact, I just purchased two more today, for a spot in the front garden. Falstaff, a dark crimson, and Boscobel, pink with a yellow flush. None of my roses are blooming yet; it will be another month or so before that happens. It's always a highlight when they do.

  9. Something so lovely to look forward to. Your bushes are looking fresh and healthy and they should be giving you those gorgeous blossoms soon.

    Happy wishes...
    Brenda xox

  10. Your roses are amazing! I'm trying my first round this year and hope it's successful!

    Here in Canada where I live, the prediction is we'll be back to work and somewhat of a normal life by Fall. May seems so early. I hope that all is well where you live and that it works out. We have low numbers compared to other large centers and no deaths in our area. But we're all staying home and making it work. I'm loving it so far but I love to be home in the woods and have lots to keep me busy outside of my work each day. Take care! Chy

  11. I always enjoy seeing your pink roses each year. Looking forward to seeing them when in bloom. I think we are going to lose our knock out roses this year due to mites. We will try to save them but all we've read about treatment is fairly disheartening.


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