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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Hospitality, Or The Lack Thereof

I have really missed people, other than my immediate people, of course.  We are used to having young people in and out of the house, and also having our own friends over on a Sunday afternoon.

I didn't realize how much until I was reading in "At Home In Mitford," by Jan Karon. (I'm wanting to re-read the whole series)  In chapter four called "Company Stew" Father Tim plans and hosts a dinner party.

He invites 5 people, which will make 6 for dinner including him.  He prepares for 8, but can't think of two other people to come with the guests he already has invited.  Its a happy thing, because somehow Uncle Billy and Miss Rose have heard about his dinner party and just happy to show up in time for dinner!  

I chuckled, and laughed along with the guests at Uncle Billy's jokes, and enjoyed the friendship of the group of invited guests.  Don't we all wish we knew someone like Miss Sadie?

That chapter left me with a sadness though.  It made me realize how much I miss hospitality.

As soon, as we are free to get together again, I'm going to start up a monthly dinner party.  I'm going to invite people that know each other but sometimes I'm going to invite people who only know us, and let them become friends with each other, too!  

It's one of the joys of my life to introduce my friends to each other!

What about you?  Are you missing people?  Travel? The ability to be spontaneous?


  1. Let's pray that it wont be too long before things are back on an even keel, and we can enjoy our friends and family again.

  2. Our house is, in "normal" times, an open house. I tell people not to knock, it just gives the Labradors more to bark about. My older kids come by, friends, maybe one of my brothers, or my sister...there's always someone here. I miss family dinners, where all the older kids and the grand kids come here, and it's loud and busy and warm. We're "quarantined" with 6 of our kids, 6 of the other 10 are regular visitors, they live close by. (3 live on the west coast, 1 in Virginia). Who ever would have thought that just having people over would be forbidden...shh, I do have a son who lives in town with his wife and doggie, they come over for outside visits so their pup can run around with ours...and we feel like criminals ha.

  3. I dearly love the Mitford series books by Jan Karon. I remember the part you refer to about Father Tim planning a party. I could relate to the thoughts he had about preparing everything and wanting it to go well. I hate to admit it, but usually I am a little tense before having a group over. Then it all goes well, the food is good, everyone has a good time with each other, and I think everyone leaves feeling glad that they came. Next time to host rolls around, and there I am again, worried that something will go wrong! LOL

  4. I do miss getting together with friends and family. I can hardly wait until we fill this house with people again. Soon, I hope.

  5. Even I, a hopeless introvert and recluse, miss people. We were not created for isolation. I'd say "may it go quickly," but it has already gone on much too long.

  6. Loved that series! Louis Dean and I read it out loud together. Yes, I miss normal life. I don’t know when it will be normal again! I miss my siblings and my grands and my children. I miss family dinners and going to church. I miss the movies, the restaurants and getting my hair cut! And I’m trying to accept all the restrictions with as much grace as I can muster up.


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