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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thinking About Easter

This photo of Kamryn and Kyle came up in my memories on FB yesterday.  He was seven and she was two.  You can tell Easter was early that year, by their Easter baskets on the piano behind them.

I'm thinking about what Easter will look like this year.  It will be different for sure, but I still want to keep some traditions.

I'll get some candy with my groceries, and a ham.  We always have green bean casserole.

Part of my life goals are to be flexible and to adjust to how things are, and not how I want them to be! (sometimes it takes me a while to get there)  It makes for a happier and more contented me.

 Maybe we'll go for a drive after our Easter luncheon, if the weather is fine.  We don't need to stop or come into contact with anyone else, so that's doable.

I think I'll still color some eggs to enjoy.  One of these days, I'll make some pretty decoupage eggs that I can use year after year!

The things I'll miss are all of us gathering here with guests, too, to celebrate the Resurrection. We will still celebrate the it, and rejoice in Jesus victory over death, but it will be a smaller group.  That's okay, really. 

On that day all over the world, Christians will be celebrating, and that is a lot of people.  We are not alone.

What are your plans for Easter, this year?  


Vee said...

It is lovely to have plans. There are no plans here. We can’t be out for a drive without special papers and so that’s out. I dragged out a few Easter decorations and have them about so I am reminded of His great love and sacrifice for us and that He is Alive! Such a sweet photo of Kamryn and Kyle. One can tell looking at Kamryn at that age that her sisters are following in her footsteps.

Cheryl said...

No, we are not alone! The Body of Christ will celebrate our Risen Savior, even if it cannot be corporately this year.

Like you, I will miss gathering with my people. That makes me sad.

BUT . . . I love the music of His sacrifice, His death, His Resurrection! I will start playing the YouTube playlist that we have created over the past several years and I will rejoice as I meditate on His great gift of the Gospel!

podso said...

We have no plans. Maybe we'll run by the kids' house after service and watch them find eggs outside. We will have all our holy week services online. We are thankful for technology. I too enjoy coloring eggs. Last year I tried a new technique of nail polish in water and dipping the egg and swirling it around. It was especially pretty with a darker blue. You would have fun with that. :-)

Linda said...

I haven’t made any plans and I have not even put out spring decorations except for one small grouping in the foyer using things I had in the house. I’m sure I’ll cook a ham and we will watch church service online.
I usually host a Good Friday luncheon and that won’t be happening.....but I remember the words in came to pass. This has not come to stay - this Coronavirus. It will pass.....and we will give Hod the praise and glory.....and I’m personally thankful and praying for Dr. Faulk and Dr. Birx. God always sends the right people to help.....

Kim said...

Our plans will be very low key. Eggs are hard to come by here and frankly so is food in general, so we'll be making do with whatever we can get delivered. We will celebrate either way though, watching church on Facebook as we have been for the past several weeks.

Buttercup said...

I'm grateful for all the ways I can connect with friends. Will be celebrating Passover next week. One night will be getting together virtually with friends of long standing from London to Los Angeles. Feel very grateful to have connections to celebrate with.

Theresa said...

No plans yet. I have ordered some Easter things to be delivered to loved ones. It is going to be different this year but the meaning is still the same. For that I'll be thankful. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Linda said...

No plans yet...when we went to pick up our order yesterday (we paid for a 1/2 cow from the butcher), he threw in a ham, so probably make that. Indeed, it will be different. sigh.

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