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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

A New Kitchen

 If everything goes as planned, and I try to hold plans lightly knowing that I don't control circumstances, I will have a new kitchen when we put the addition on the house.

Because we are zoned R1 we can only have one kitchen, so we are putting the kitchen between our space and my parents space. 

Here is a reminder of the basic layout of the addition we are planning. The doorway into the new kitchen comes from our current kitchen/living room space. The kitchen will have a half wall so that the space is somewhat open to the living/dining space once the addition is built.

I have been pinning kitchen ideas for years and I'd love to share some of them with you from my Pinterest Board.

An important thing to know is that the kitchen will not have any windows. It will have a door to the garage, it will have a pocket door to my parents living room, and it will have the doorway opening and half wall into our dining/living room space. The natural light from my parents living room, and from our dining/living room will be the only natural light in the kitchen.

So, if you look at this photo, the sink will be where the half wall is, and will look out into the dining space. As the wall turns right and you see an upper cupboard, we will have our stove and range hood on that wall. Then the door to my parents living room. We will have a lot of natural light from the half wall.

I definitely want a range hood. Isn't this one with a shelf cute? I'm done with having the microwave over the stove. We'll put it in a cupboard.

I really like a country kitchen with a table in it to work at and sit while baking/cooking, and I'd love some cabinets that looked like a nice hutch! I want easy access to the things I use all the time!

I'm really liking the wood countertops, especially in a white kitchen. I would go a bit darker in the stain, but the wood adds warmth to the kitchen and is very functional.

Isn't this kitchen pretty? I like the glass front cupboards, and the drawers under them. Bowls ready to use, but also looking pretty, 

I like this drawer for flatware, but we may have my mom's hutch in the dining area, and I'd want to use it for all of our dishes and flatware, and some glasses, so that setting the table would be easy.

I really love either drawers or shelves that slide out!

And I love the way this undersink space is a drawer not a cupboard!

We'll see how it all comes together but these are my ideas, and I've saved a lot of photos on my board.

What are some of your favorite things in your kitchens, or something you'd love to have in your kitchen?


  1. I agree with you about being done with the microwave over the stove. I have one of those and would love a change. The hood idea, the drawers for silverware and the drawer under the sink are fabulous choices. It is so great to be able to plan ahead for exactly what you want in your new kitchen.

  2. What a delight! Getting to plan a new kitchen!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!

    And I love the plans for your parent's living quarters.

    I love floor plans!!!

    Since their living room will have windows, and the kitchen will not, their living quarters must extend out into the back yard. And your house wall, continues over left, from the kitchen/their living room wall.

  3. I love all of these pictures! They're giving me some ideas for my kitchen which we hope to redo someday.

  4. I have never had a new kitchen so I am not going to be your advice person. I do love the vertical storage of utensils. Very cool. Yes, you have chosen a lot of pretty kitchens. I hope that you will have enough light. I don't think I would enjoy a windowless room. There's more than light to consider. I am sure that you will figure it all out and everything will be beautiful and functional.

  5. Gorgeous!! I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Enjoy the process!!

  6. What fun to plan a new kitchen. We are planning for ours in a couple of years, too. A windowless room would be a challenge for me. Have fun planning!

  7. How exciting! There are so many decisions to be made for a new kitchen. I agree with you about the microwave. I love that shelf on the range hood. I had a table and chairs in the kitchen in our cottage. It was so charming. We downsized a few years ago, sold our house and put an addition on our cottage when we retired. The kitchen designer said there NO way she was going to put a table and chairs in our new kitchen. So we got an island, which I have to say is nice for the extra storage. But I still love a table in a kitchen. Your pictures and ideas are beautiful. I can't wait to see.

  8. So many great ideas! It is exciting to be able to plan a kitchen from scratch! I'm afraid I would be overwhelmed with all of the choices and possibilities (and would probably drive Ron crazy!), but I feel like you are decisive and will have fun doing it.

  9. oh my goodness .. i love the overall plan and picture prompts.
    i'm wondering if it'd be possible to install a skylight or two
    in your new kitchen - to let in good light...? :)

  10. oh... and the microwave spot. i'm in agreement!
    in fact, we don't often (rare!) even use ours so it has a nice
    little spot down the hall and in the utility room.

  11. third response... ;)
    the hubs said you might also consider "light tubes"
    for more light.

  12. Exciting! I love the drawer under the sink! It is exciting to change things up! I know you will have a great time planning the new spaces! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  13. Hello! I love all of your kitchen ideas. Especially the drawer under the sink vs. a cabinet. I also love the wood countertops and would also stain a bit darker. It's about time to update our kitchen so I will check out your board. Happy Friday!

  14. What fun to build an addition and to plan your new kitchen. I added shelves that easily pull out under the kitchen counter, much easier for this senior citizen to use. I got new countertops recently and chose quartz, quartz does not require the resealing that marble and granite require every two or so years. We added skylights to each of our bathrooms to let in light, that might work for your kitchen.


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