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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Building The Addition

 We literally are just weeks away from my parents moving in to our home. If you're new here, we decided to sell my parents home now to take advantage of the hot market, move them in with us and then have the inlaw quarters built.

Tim basically has the basement work finished - both for storage of my parents items that they wont use right away, and for a bedroom space for Sarah.

We are going to move her down this week, paint her room that we'll be moving into then, we'll move in and clear all the extra furniture we have out of our bedroom suite, so it'll be ready to move them in.

Our thoughts are turning to the addition build. I'm following along with my Instagrammers who have moved and are doing remodeling work. I keep seeing contractor after contractor not show up to work, or ghosting them.

We've had this done to us already on our window replacement project. The contractor, who was recommended to us, came out took measurements, and talked with us about what we wanted. He was also going to build the portico over the front door.

Weeks went by without a quote or email with the drawings for the portico. We called, he never called back. Finally we received a short text that he was too busy and wouldn't be able to do our job!

Gee whiz! Just tell us right away if it is too much for you to do! Our son in laws brother told us he couldn't take on our build until June of 2022 because they are so busy! That's fine, we completely understand. Thanks for letting us know right away!

Have you ever had contractor problems like this? 

We have people we know with an excavation business, electrical , plumbing, drywall and painting. So we are confident about these sub areas getting done and done well, but we need a builder/framer who can get us under roof, and get the windows in. We also need an ac/heating guy.

We are hopeful that we wont have to wait a year to get started, but we recognize it may take 6 months or so before we can get started.



  1. I am sorry, but it appears that this is the issue everywhere. It certainly is here. My neighbors hired out for a kitchen remodel late last year for June 2021. The work began last week. Phew! They are grateful. The good news is that The Lord is on your team. I'm praying and I'd not be surprised if the work will begin soon.

  2. Unfort. this is becoming the norm. Covid/this pandemic has really taken a toll on construction. My bil works for Lowes and he said contractors are backed up for months. I will keep you in prayers.

  3. I haven't had this happen but have heard of others who just couldn't get their work done. Life is different these days and some people just aren't dependable! Hope you find someone to help you! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. I keep hearing this as well. I guess everyone is overwhelmed, but communicating to the homeowner one way or another should be an easy task to accomplish. How frustrating.

  5. Out here in the country it is really hard to get good reliable contractors. We especially are hard pressed for concrete finishers. Oye. It's a good thing my husband is handy.

  6. Oh dear. It is SO exciting to be planning your addition and at the same time, SO frustrating to have difficulty finding people to do the work. Ugh. Because Ron is a DIY person through and through, we have rarely hired any work done. But at the end of last year, we decided to have our (screened) sun porch enclosed so that we can use the room year round. It will be especially handy to have the extra space for family gatherings/meals. We called a contractor in January . . . and let me just give the short story . . . we have had two contractors come and talk with us and take measurements and offer suggestions, only to have them vanish into thin air! Good thing we're not in a terrible hurry!


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