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Friday, August 13, 2021

Good News Friday


photo by me then Waterlogued

Well, I spent a lot of the past three days watching the Cyber Symposium and it was eye opening. It made me realize just how much fraud and vote stealing happened. 

Even states that Trump "won" they stole votes from him. This was so they could give Bid*n the 'popular' vote as well.

Obviously this isn't even all the states! 

Good News out of Florida - Governor Ron DeSantis is implementing a plan to open mobile clinics to dispense Regeneron monoclonal antibodies. They are starting in Jacksonville. This treatment is the one that DJT had when he had cov*d. There are proven treatments that work, and keep people from even having to be hospitalized or dying. We need our leaders to USE them and not just push the jab.

I've read several times this week that the jab is not so effective, so instead of pushing it we should be promoting HCQ, Ivermectin, and these other treatments! 

I'm concerned by the new push for pregnant women to get the jab. The statistics are not good on this. High miscarriage rates.

Here is good news from the journal Nature - 

Are you aware of CRT? Critical Race Theory? 

Here is snippet of what it is.

" an ideology that is damaging to our students’ intellectual and emotional growth — an ideology that requires students to see themselves not as individuals, but as representatives of either an oppressor or oppressed group. This theoretical framework pervades every division of Dwight-Englewood as the singular way of seeing the world."

You can read more about it {here.} This kind of movement only seeks to divide people, not unite. It creates segregation rather than eliminate it.

Good things are happening, people are waking up, and we must get involved. One thing we've learned over the last year and a half is that we cannot blindly believe government, we cannot just sit silently while people try to take constitutional rights from us. We must speak out. Call or email your local representatives and senators and your federal representatives and senators. Its not hard to do, and this lets them know that people are paying attention to what they vote for or against and comments they've made etc. I'm seeing one of our senators voting in line with his constituents now. That's good!

Have a great weekend! My parents house is officially on the market and they have a viewing today!


  1. Lovely photo "change"...

    Thank you for posting, so much of this information.

    I did the Critical Race Theory.

    Now, I am showing how this Administration has cut off our oil production.

    And is asking OPEC to increase their oil production! So we can import it. The importing process, will add more fossil fuels to the atmosphere.

    -head desk-

    -head desk-

    -head desk- (Means...I am hitting my forehead on my desk, in frustration, over the sheer stupidity)

  2. Good for Governor DeSantis! Yes, we are aware of Critical Race Theory. We heard a great talk/sermon by Voddie Baucham on the subject. He's also written a book called "Fault Lines" on the Social justice movement.
    Ivermectin was approved by the FDA for uses in animals so they will be hesitant to approve it for humans (that's just the way they are) but we've heard of good results from it. You'll hear mocking about taking it from so-called experts. :) Hope your parents home sells for a good price!

  3. What a beautiful golden bouquet.

    Yes, may the house sell quickly without headaches or hassles.

  4. That is an amazing photo turned painting. Wow! I hope the house sells quickly!

  5. Oh wow, do you seriously believe that stuff? I feel sorry for you, but I will pray that your eyes will be opened to the truth.

  6. I just stumbled onto your blog. Thankfully, some people are awake and sharing the truth.


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