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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Fun Story

 Well, at least it's fun and special to us!

My parents moved to Pennsylvania 23 years ago, and bought the house they just sold. Later than year, my dad having retired from his aerospace company job at an early age, decided to volunteer for the local fire company.

He wasn't going to fight fires, he was going to be part of the fire police. They are the ones who close roads, or divert traffic when there are accidents or fires. They take special training, and are sworn in by their townships.

He'd had MP training in the Navy so he was really good at directing traffic and his local fire company made him the Captain. He did this actively, as well as had training to drive the trucks, and he served as the President of the fire company for many years. 

One of the things he did was to pick up several Amish men who were firefighters with his company, when a fire call would come in. The Amish are very community minded and their fire company was made up of about 40% Amish.

One of the men, Calvin Fisher, was a farmer and when Dad would swing by to pick him up, blue lights flashing on his suburban, Calvin's kids were always excited! The kids started calling my dad "Blinker Bob" and would always yell out "Blinker Bob is here!" when my dad arrived in their driveway.

The Amish use lots of nicknames to identify each other, because so many of them have the same name. Lot's of Jake's, Sam's, Katie's, and Barbie's. So they might call a man, "Tall Sam," or that kind of thing. To be English and get an Amish nickname is pretty special and unusual and my dad has two either Blinker Bob or Captain Bob.

When the offer on my parents house came in the other day, we could tell by the address it was a neighbor, and it was, but not the neighbor we thought it was.

Turns out one of Calvin Fisher's now grown daughters' and her husband rent a house two doors down the road from my parents house. They've wanted their own house but there hasn't been a lot of houses for sale in their area. (The Amish live in their church communities, and only move out of the area by permission from their bishops) This daughter and her husband are the ones buying my parents house! She is going to live in Blinker Bob's house!

Her mom, Calvin's wife called my parents yesterday and told them. She's eager to see her daughter's new house so she and her daughter are coming over this week to walk through again.

This is so special to us. We are thrilled with how this chapter of my parents life story is being written! We wish Roslyn and Sam many happy years in this home that we have loved so much!

My Dad is no longer an active fire police, but he still serves as chaplain, and as a member.


  1. Does this mean that your parents can visit their former home if they wish? My sister bought a home from dear friends with the offer of visits. The friends/sellers declined. My daughter refuses to drive by her former home for the same reason. Guess it can go either way. This was a fun story. Blinker Bob is a very cute nickname.

  2. That is a great story! It all fits together like the pieces of a puzzle!

  3. What a special thing this is, so happy for all.

  4. Ohhhhhh, this story gives me "goose bumps"!!!!!!!!!

    It is delightful in so many ways.

    I love it.

    It is completely nice and heartwarming.

    So happy for all involved.

    Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs...

  5. That is the best story! Thank you for sharing. What a delight for everyone involved.

  6. That is a great story and a great connection! It must make it easier for your family knowing a friend and neighbor will love their home. Love it!

  7. How great is that!? Love this story about Blinker Bob and how one of those kids bought his house.

  8. How exciting! We love Birdie and Blinker Bob! I’m so thankful that a sweet neighbor will continue living there. That house holds fun memories!


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