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Friday, August 20, 2021

Good News Friday

 Hi Friends!

This has been a really incredible week hasn't it? 

While Afghanistan fell to the Talib*n, our president stayed on vacation. The WH released a photo of him sitting at a table alone but with video screens of people, including the VP, and assets in Doha clearly shown (against the law to out agents). We were supposed to see that though on vacation the president was working and on top of the situation. However, people noticed in the world time zones on the top of the screen, that the time difference between London and Russia were wrong. Turns out that photo would have been taken in February. Another tell tale sign is that the VP in her office in her home at the Naval Observatory has empty bookshelves in the background. If you remember, renovations were being done on the VP house in January and they didn't move in for several weeks. 

With optics not going well, the president came in to the White House to make a statement, took no questions, and went back to his vacation. When that didn't go well, they sat him down with a 'friendly' legacy media anchor for an interview.  

That didn't go well either.

On top of that, his press secretary was on vacation this week. She came back for a day or so, then yesterday didn't even have a press briefing!

What on EARTH!?

Then the Pentagon chief says they can't help Americans get to the airport. {Here}

Then they were told they'd have to pay $2000 to fly out. When the American people didn't take that well, they scraped that idea. Read about that {here}

Marcus Luttrell, read about him {here}said in a statement to Bid*n, "You need to go get our people." Read {here}

Frankly I was shocked to here that the Brits were going around picking their people up and getting them to the airport and that we had told our people that they were on their own to get to the airport.

Also they were told they wouldn't necessarily get out before Afghanis. Wow.

A good thing is that this has united Americans to see that JB is not a good president. He's not serving the people. China maybe, but not Americans.

So if you're wondering where the good news is there are several areas of good news.

1. The Arizona audit report is being delivered to the AZ senate today.

2. Jovan Pulitzer said on Wednesday that they weren't looking for watermarks on the ballots (or bamboo), it's much better than that. Read about it {here}. He also said that the results of the audit would be "earth shattering."  

3. Michigan and Wisconsin are both going to do forensic audits! Here are the counties in Wisconsin that are going to do them.

4. Pennsylvania had a big audit the vote rally. People are fired up and ready for the audit!

5. Here is a list of employers who are NOT requiring the vax in order to work there.
Reporters asked Jen Psaki how many White House employees had been vaxxed, she refused to give that information.  

Pretty interesting, right?

There is lots more going on but I do need to get started with my day!

Remember that you are not alone, and though things seem scary, and there may be more scary things, I honestly believe that the best is yet to come. God is with us, don't be afraid.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Oh you must be my sister, I love your post. I was raised in Wisconsin and good to see my county there is having a vote audit. What hypocrisy that no jabs required to work at CDC, WH, etc. while many businesses, schools and colleges are being pushed to insist on the jab. At the university where I worked jabs are required for all workers and all students. I am against mandatory jabs, and I chose to get them. Let people choose and not lose their jobs or education if they choose no.

  2. A family member texted me in something of a panic. My best advice was to keep praying because things are changing fast.

  3. Deanna, I just keep shaking my head in dismay. Such incompetence. In what world does it make sense to move the military out before evacuating Americans? What a complete failure of leadership. What an embarrassment. Yes, the Brits are getting their people out and there is no reason why we cannot do it. Leaving Americans behind is unacceptable! Number 45 would never, never have done that. There are private individuals who are organizing and implementing rescues, and that is hugely encouraging. This is what makes our country great. . .the people who love this country and its people, and don't know what the word "no" means. Thanks for informing your readers. We must continue to pray for all these things. To be continued, my friend! Hugs.

  4. Yep, the World is in a mess. Our leaders need a shake-up! The ones we have keep messing up... whatever it is. Prayers for all who are struggling to get out of Afghanistan. Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  5. I don't think it is incompetence. I think China is running the show and is control of Byedin. But not for long.

  6. Thank you for sharing this information.

  7. Thanks for sharing this, I agree with all your thoughts, and links, as well as the responses!


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