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Monday, August 16, 2021



Guess what? My parents sold their house! They got a really good offer, and took it! Now the work begins here. Mostly some painting, and moving furniture! They close in 6 weeks. We are thanking God!

This happened on Saturday. We had all gone over because some people were coming to look at some items they are selling, and I wanted to be there to help with furniture placement, if the items sold. Tim and Kyle were doing the mowing and weed wacking, and Tim was going to help my dad with a small project.

One of the people came to look at an item, and one never showed. However, the realtor called with the offer, and we took time to discuss it. It was less than asking price, but the were waiving inspections, and had given a big 'good faith offer' check. They were pre-approved for a mortgage as well.  We decided to counter their offer, they accepted and now they pack, and we prepare. We went to dinner to celebrate!

We take Sarah to school in mid September, and they are going with us since we are going to visit family in Tennessee, too. When we get back they close on their house, so we plan to have them moved in here before we leave.

Big changes, and adjustments, but its all good.

Yesterday, we had lunch at home after church. Wes and Rachel came, Klaire and Kamryn were here (they'd spent the whole weekend with us!), and our friend Grace was here, too. Tim grilled Chicken Patties, we had some seasoned fries and watermelon, too. The grandgirlies swam, Tim had a nap then worked looked at Wes and Rachel's car. Sarah and Grace went for coffee, then came back. Wes and Rachel went home, our friend Denny came over.

In the evening Tim, Sarah, Kyle and I took some time to discuss something Tim read out of the devotional he's reading this year. Then we prayed for Haiti, and for Afghanistan.

Friends, it's going to be ugly in both places. We prayed for physical protection for the children in Haiti, as so many went missing in the last huge earthquake, and we've read about people trafficking kids from there.

For Afghanistan we prayed for the women who will now be under strict laws and lose the chance for education. We prayed for believer's who will be executed for their faith. The church in Afghanistan has been growing so fast, and now many will be martyred for their faith. We know this is not a new thing, but we are so much more aware of it, and by prayer we know we can make a difference, even to strengthen their courage.

We are especially grateful to be moving my parents in with us, in such volatile and uncertain times. We don't want them to be isolated and alone.

The battle is a tough one, the enemy knows he's defeated but he longs to destroy all that God loves and created. Be of good courage! I believe that we will see goodness prevail!

How are you friends? Do you have prayer requests? You can always share them and if you don't want them posted just let me know.

Peace and Grace be yours today, friends.


  1. Wonderful news about the sale of your parents' home! Exciting.

    This old world is groaning. Joining you in prayer.

    A good week to you all. I'd wish you a quieter one, but you seem to thrive on staying busy.

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations on the sale of your parents' home. What a load off. For me the stress of not knowing when someone will come view the home and having to keep everything tidy and just so does me in. Glad you all don't have to face that now. Our prayer in our region right now is all about the fires. New ones have popped up and more evacuations have been ordered. We aren't that close to any right now but close enough that the wind deposited an ember on our front porch. Praying God sends some gentle rains and that the lightning predicted doesn't cause more fires.

  3. Congratulations!! That is a huge relief, I'm sure. And yes, volatile times for sure, a bit scary, too. It's good to have family close by..xo

  4. Wonderful that you sold the house! It is the perfect time to sell, and it was the perfect time, to be doing this!

    Also love your comment in my blog... That you celebrate autumn from the beginning of sept., through Nov.!!!!! Grrrrreat!

    🍂 🍁 🌻 🌰 🌻 🍁 🍂

  5. I'm so happy you sold the house. It's such a big thing to have off your mind. I worry, too, about the children in Haiti and the young girls in Afghanistan who are given to the Taliban as a reward. There are so many things to pray for. I do have a prayer request. My husband is having a heart stent procedure on Thursday. He had a quad bypass 2 years ago and we thought we were good to go, but he now has another blockage. I'm just a little worried. Thank you for asking us if we need prayer. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. I am so happy to hear that your parents' house sold so quickly! What a relief that it was not a long, drawn out process because living in limbo is stressful. I pray for them as they are making this adjustment, because even if they really want it, and even if it is the right thing, it's still hard to uproot and make big changes. You are all troopers! It will be exciting to see the changes at your house as you move things around and eventually add more living space!

    Oh yes . . . so much to pray about as people are suffering and our brothers and sisters in Christ are in (earthly) danger. It is heartbreaking! We can only call on "the One Who sees"!

  7. Praise God for the house selling so quickly!!! You are always busy and yet still manage to fill so many needs and tend to family plus have some fun! Love hearing about your life and how you live it! By are such a testimony.

  8. YIPPPEEEE, I know you all are so excited that the house sold and now to get your Parents ready to move in. There are lots of people selling their houses quickly. Great news. I am praying for all in Haiti and Afghanistan:( SO sad for all of those people in terrible living conditions and dangerous times. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. Please pray for my husbands health. In the recent weeks there has been a serious decline.


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