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Friday, August 6, 2021

Good News Friday


Friends sometimes the truth takes time to come out, especially when those who are in control are trying to hide the truth. However, I do believe that the truth is coming out, and that it has been done in this way so that people who have been asleep to the corruption (seriously, who knew it was this deep or bad?) and used to the status quo, can wake up. and truly people are waking up. For some of us it is a deeper awareness of the corruption. Making connections between events in the past, too.

This administration is doing things to circumvent the law, and the constitution. Since when does the Center for Disease Control make rules (they don't make rules at all, they give recommendation to our lawfully elected officials) about housing? The Supreme Court had already ruled that they can't do this, but they keep trying anyway. 

The court just reiterated their ruling, but you've got dems saying the CDC should ignore the court. But really? What power does the CDC have in this? I believe that this administration makes statements and people think it's law.

Laws have a process that they go through before they become laws. A fun way to learn about this is School House Rocks "I'm Just A Bill" video. You can watch it {here.}

There is a lot happening in Arizona. They have issued subpoenas again, and I read yesterday that arrests should be coming in this next week. 

CodeMonkeyZ, who is a computer expert, had a Dominon whistleblower give him lots of information and videos that show that the machines are hooked up to the internet and lots more. This whistleblower was high enough in the system to have a lot of information, and this person was involved in a different state, than Arizona. It's going to be very interesting.

Have you ever thought about how we have negative feelings towards 'Whistleblowers' or 'conspiracy theorists?' That's because we've been conditioned to have those feelings. We've been told that whistleblowers are harming our country, and conspiracy theorists are 'crazy,' when perhaps the whistleblower is really just trying to show criminal activity by certain people in high places, and conspiracy theorists are just questioning the narrative. Did you know the term conspiracy theorist was coined by the C_A after the Kennedy assignation? So many people who had been there, and had video or photos were questioning the narrative. They wanted to the public to buy the story of a lone gunman. Isn't that interesting?

I'm sure you all heard about President Obama's birthday bash for 500 guests? There were to be 200 staff there to serve at the bash. All of this while telling us that there is a variant to Cov*d that is highly transmissible! Well, they got enough push back that the Obama's decided that the party would be just for family and 'close friends.' We'll see how many attend, but I think it shows that when people speak out about 'rules for me, but not for thee' and vice versa, you can make a difference.

Also, I'd be pretty mad about now if I had gotten the jab so I could be free of the virus, only to find that I can get it and I can pass it on to others! And now I should wear a mask, not because of the unva**ed, but because I could be a spreader!

For the record, I support peoples' right to take the jab or not take the jab. It should be completely up to individuals to decide whether it is right for them. That's medical freedom, that's the right of a free people.

I have family members and friends who have take then jab, and I love them dearly. 

Interesting that the administration is talking lockdowns again, over a weakened vir*s, while allowing thousands of illegals over the boarder, and releasing them into the country with the same vir*s. {Here} is an article about McAllen Texas and the vir*s.

People are desperate to come to America. However, we have to take care that America doesn't become just like the nations they are fleeing.

Have you heard about the Great Reset? Without Operation Warp Speed, we would have been locked down for years. We would all be dependent on the government, we would be forever slave to the elites. They are fighting hard to take us in a direction that I believe most Americans don't want to go. It's pretty ugly and they won't give up easily.

So we must stand against it. We must pray, we must say no, we must speak truth in love. I believe good things are coming, its just a battle right now, and that is hard work. Spiritual battles are tiring too, but we know the source of strength. 

Isaiah 40:31 - but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
    they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
they shall run and not be weary;
    they shall walk and not faint.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Beside a babbling brook... said...

Yeah, how about that? Some big Conservatives actually pushed back, on the Obama Super Spreader Party! Will wonders never cease???

Have you done a post on CRT, like I did today? Do all your readers really know what it is, and how pervasive it is???

I know, I'm pushy. But it is time for pushy, because most Pretty Blog Land bloggers are not, not, not interested in seeking out information, for themselves. You are giving it to them, with Good News Fri. But there is bad news out there, like CRT, and so many good people, just don't KNOW. -sigh-

Yeah, I'm all worked up!!!! Must calm down!

And no one ever said the *JAB* was full protection. Just said, if you got it, you would not die, it would not be too bad.

What bugs me is.... it may well not last too long, and they want me to wear a mask, even when Jabbed. What??????????????

Calm down me! Calm down me. Calm down me. -smile-

🌼"Blogs are little First Amendment machines."🌼

Deanna said...

I don't believe there has ever been a time in the United States History that there wasn't unrest and turmoil. It's an ongoing drama. We certainly live in interesting times in a fallen world. We have been lied to all along.

Ruth said...

Thank you for speaking the truth and giving us what we need to hear.

ellen said...

Great job reporting the Good News. I believe everything will turn out wonderfully. Did you hear President Trump respond to the woman yelling "We want you back"? He said " I think you are going to be very happy!" He had walked unannounced into a woman's convention on child trafficing. The women went crazy with excitement! God wins!

Vee said...

Poor cashier at The Dollar Store today was lamenting how miserable it was wearing a mask. Corporate had called this morning and masks are mandatory again for all store personnel. This annoys me so much. It flies in the face of commonsense and science, Breathing one's own exhaust is destroying people's immune systems. It's time to say, "Enough." As for this admin, ditto!

We are living in crazy times. I assume that it is a privilege; however, I don't feel up for it. Help, Lord!

ellen said...

Vee, I agree that this is exhausting. We are in a war and feeling the effects of it. I pray for all of us who struggle to make sense of this craziness.

Linda said...

I do so appreciate these Friday posts of yours.....thank you for doing them.

Unknown said...

Thank you for these Friday posts!

ellen b. said...

Well call me slow but I finally added your blog to my feedly so I'll see when you post. I see there is another ellen who comments but I'm ellen b. from The Happy Wonderer. Hubby and I have a sticker on our car that says Truth Matters. Of course the Truth we are clinging to is God's Truth from the Word of God. Boy do we all need to dig deep in God's Word because these pervasive lies are not only in the world but have crept into some churches, too. Evil is power hungry and full of lies. True, too, that we need to speak the truth in love. From Spurgeon, "My own weakness makes me shrink, but God's promises make me brave. Lord, strengthen me according to Your Word."


  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday, doing things around the house, and then we swam. Kyle and Sarah left after that...