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Monday, August 9, 2021



We had a very busy, hard working weekend. These flower photos are from Thursday afternoon. I asked Sarah to cut a big bunch of my rudbeckia Golden Glow and she took me at my word! She was so cute carrying that huge bunch that I snapped her photo with them!

They made for an amazing bouquet in the living room! I just loved the impact on this spot by the front door.

A photo just for perspective to show how the arrangement towers over my head. (I'm 5ft)

Friday we had family night here, we grilled burgers and hotdogs, and had watermelon and chips and salsa. People swam and we hung out happy to do something other than work at my parents house!

Saturday we were all hands on deck at my parents house. Tim and I, Kyle and his friend Daniel, Wes and Rachel, Nate and Kay and girls, and Sarah after work. We worked hard all day long. Tim and Kyle have carried the bulk of heavy work over there so it was night to have many hands to help!  

After church and lunch yesterday, Tim and I went back over and while Tim worked in the garage loading things onto our trailer, Mom and I rearranged her living room. We moved a cabinet, the piano, two couches and the coffee table! We cleaned windows, and the front door, dusted and vacuumed. I cleaned the bathroom, too. 

I had the dining room mostly done on Saturday, but there is some items on the table that need to be cleared away.  The apartment, bathroom, and the family room in the lower level of the house are done, their bedrooms are done, and the kitchen was almost finished when I left last night. 

We are taking a table and chairs out of the kitchen today, then we'll sweep and mop, and move a smaller scale bench into the table space under the windows. It's a big kitchen and most people will want to put an island in I think. 

The realtor comes this afternoon to do a walk through, then the photographer comes tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be listed by the end of the week!

Then the work begins here, but that's a story for another day!

I hope you had a great weekend, too!


Vee said...

That bouquet is amazing! Sarah did all right.

My sis had a similar weekend with a twist. One of her husband's nieces showed up and asked to rent with the option to buy.
I think that's the direction she'll go.

Things are moving quickly and soon you'll have the work accomplished. Are your parents getting excited?

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Wonderful progress... After lots of fun.

Gorgeous flowers!

Hope you make it as *EMPTY* looking as possible. All those how-to-stage-a-house-for-sale-shows, say to do that. All that beloved clutter and pictures, are off-putting to buyers, or so they say. -smile-


Kim said...

Beautiful ladies and beautiful flowers! Wow..what a bouquet!

Cheryl said...

You all have worked hard and have accomplished much in a short time! I know it's a relief to be nearing the finish line . . . at least on that end!

What a beautiful bouquet Sarah picked! There is something so cheering about fresh flowers in the house, and that bunch is a big ~WOW~ !

Linda said...

Lots of hard work! And yet, y'all have such a good attitude about it all! And you stop and have fun!
Those flowers are gorgeous!

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