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Friday, August 27, 2021

Good News Friday

Yesterday was heartbreaking for our nation. I'm praying for the families who have now received a visit telling them that their loved one has died.

Bid*n made me so angry yesterday when he talked about his son. I know that loss was devastating to him, but this isn't about you, Joe, nor is it about Beau who died of cancer.

I'm praying for our nation, who now see how diminished JB is, I think he will not be in office for much longer. Then what we'll get is a president who giggles, and laughs inappropriately. Lucky us.

Despite all of that there is good news happening.

The Supreme Court has set down several good rulings this week.

One is in regard to the Stay In Mexico plan that the T administration had going. People coming to the border had to stay in Mexico until their applications are approved to come in to the US.

Right now they are not only allowing people to cross freely into our country, but they are flying people into our country by the plane full every day, multiple times a day. Mostly military age men, which is interesting.

The SC said that the Bid*n Admin had to reinstate Stay In Mexico. How soon this will happen I don't know.

The second SC ruling this week is that the CDC has not been given powers by the congress to rule that property owners cannot evict renters for not paying their rent.

Think about this for a moment. The people who are supposed to advise on diseases, was being asked by the Bid*n administration to extend a ruling they had made (by what authority I don't know) that during the pandemic people could not be evicted.

This was a direct assault on private property rights. Property owners, who still have to pay taxes and mortgages on those properties were not going to be allowed to evict people who were not paying rent, but they still had to pay their obligations!

On the surface that seems like a no brainer, right? People were out of work, so it's a kindness to not pay rent, right? However, these people were/are drawing unemployment from their states, that has been added to by a generous amount of tax dollars from the federal government. So much so that now that businesses are open, many cannot find employees because people are making more on unemployment! 

And with the child tax credit payments every month, many are doing quite well right now. So why aren't they paying their rent?

Pay your rent people!

People are waking up at a fast pace now. 

They are seeing the destruction of this administration. We know they are only doing the bidding of China.

They are still desperately trying to get businesses to force people to be jabbed in order to work. Why?

Here are some screen shots regarding what they are learning about the jab through Israel. Israel is almost completely jabbed and many have taken a booster jab as well.

 These are the slides that I screen shot. Some don't continue but they each have pertinent information on them.

Here is a link to a very interesting video by Dr. Christina Parks giving testimony before a committee in Michigan regarding the jab. She explains it all very well. {Here}

Basically the jab was created to mitigate symptoms, not keep people from getting c0v*d. People who have been jabbed are having terrible reactions to the virus, thus all the hospitalizations. It's not the unjabbed putting them at risk, either. The jab is giving them c0v*d and they are passing it to others.

Many unjabbed have had c0v*d already and have good, strong natural immunity.

I had read last year that they had not had a successful trial of the jab on animals. All the trials seemed to go well, until the animals came into contact with the virus and then the animals all died.

We currently are in the people phase of the jab trials. They end in 2023. If you have taken the jab, I support you. You have the right to decide what is best for you and your health. Those who do not want to be jabbed should also have that right to decide. The issues I see is why the threats? Why the forcing for a virus that is 99- 97% survivable?

So what is the good news in all of this? Many unions, and individuals are standing up to the mandates being forced on them.

The medical workers are the ones I don't understand. Here you have people who have cared for the sick, this whole 'pandemic' time, and have been called heroes. Now though, they are being forced to get the jab or lose their job. Seriously? They likely have all had it and have good natural immunity. 

The unjabbed are not the spreaders of the delta variant. Don't let people brainwash you into believing this in order to divide us. 

We are strong when we stand together. They want us divided that's why they play the race card, or the special rights card etc. Right now they are trying the jabbed/unjabbed card. Don't fall for it!

If people ask you personal medical questions, don't tell them, just ask for their personal medical questions like "Can you show me whether you are a carrier of any communicable diseases?" "When did you have your last pap smear" or "prostate check?" 

{Here}is another article speaking of natural immunity.

Be bold, without unkindness. People need to wake up, they are sheep that believe what the people on the news tell them. Its lies.

Oh, here is something that gave me great delight when I saw it yesterday!

France instituted passports to eat in restaurants, so people in Paris took picnics and sat outside restaurants that were basically empty! Link to a video {here.}

Do you think those restaurants are happy with the mandates? People are saying, "We don't need to eat at restaurants! Our rights are more imporant!" The owners will soon be pushing back on the government.

This is how we stand against forced mandates. 

Did you know that in December they won't be able to use the PCR tests anymore? There were too many false positives.{Here}is an article and{here} is another both from the FDA website.

Be of good courage friends. Speak the truth in love. Encourage others. Be a light.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I'm getting a neck ache from nodding and nodding as I read through your post! We are so selfishly grateful our son in law is not active duty Marines right now. He served two tours of duty in Afghanistan in 2011 and 2012. It's hard to see the ineptitude from leadership right now. God help those dear people who are getting that knock on the door. Dear God almighty, help us all to continue to trust in You and to know with You we can have hope and peace. Our wicked leaders are making that hard to see these days. Thanks for the slides you screenshot and posted. Love that screenshot from France!!

  2. You can delete that former one. I'm a bit incensed by it all.

  3. Well said, my friend. Mostly I am grieving over the loss of 13 brave soldiers. My heart breaks for their families. What in the world is going on with this administration? Are they deliberately trying to destroy America? It seems that way. I'm praying, Deanna, that God will intervene and stop this nonsense. We so desperately need true leadership now. Love to you and your family. xo


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