Little Lottie

Joining the Barn Hop at Homestead Revival....

Our chicken has been gone for a week.  We aren't sure if she, tired of waiting for us to bring more chicken friends for her, went off to join the neighbors.  I guess we should go over and ask if a cute, one eyed chicken who doesn't lay anymore has joined their flock.  There is no sign of an attack on her coop - no feathers etc...she is just gone.

She was really more of a pet, once her sister Lola died and Lottie stopped laying.  We liked her.  I miss her.

So now instead of just talking about it, we need to be proactive and get more chickens.  We are going to buy pullets - just weeks away from laying.  We also now have to get organized - we want these chickens to free range but within limits.  Also our coop is on the small side and is moveable so we are planning on putting them in the horse pasture while the weather is good, use some fencing that is easy to move along with the coop and and move them around every few days.  

During the winter we will put the coop in my garden behind the house under our bedroom windows.  It will make it easier to monitor them and to collect eggs once the snow starts.

Now to get busy and do it.  We miss the fresh eggs, we like knowing where our food is coming from.  Do you have chickens?  What have you found are the benefits of having your own chickens?


  1. Aww I am going to miss Lottie. I liked talking with her. Ha ha

  2. Here from the Barn Hop! We just finished our coop and our chickens have given us so much more than just eggs! It's amazing how they can change a person! LOL I might just be a little chicken crazy though!

  3. I like that the chicks follow me around and chatter if I come out with the slop bucket. We have Buckeyes that ride the sheep which no other breed we have has ever done.

    I confess I never imagined how interesting it would be to have poultry and cannot imagine life now without all of the critters.

    I think a missing hen is dinner for something else so sadly I think your hen is gone off to the great barnyard of critters :(

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry about Lottie, I sure hope she comes home soon.

    Can't wait to see the new chickens you get. (o:

  5. We just got our first pullets 3 days ago. The kids and I love them and can't wait for them to start laying. It's funny that I never imagined that I would own chickens and I am absolutely loving it so far. They are a great stress reliever at the end of the day.

  6. We are talking about getting chickens since we now have the farmhouse and a huge yard.

  7. Every now and then I think longingly of chickens and then I visit a chicken coop and all such thoughts are banished. All the best with your plans!


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