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Saturday, August 6, 2011


 Two boxes of Coral Star peaches await me this weekend...I am seeing canned peaches, and jam in my future.  I like doing these things and I like to teach my daughters how to put up food.  Great skills to have!

 We have weeks of peach goodness to go...I am trying a few different kinds of peaches this year.  I adore all free stone peaches!

Have you ever had Coral Star?  I haven't but I am interested in finding out what their flavor is like!

Joining in at Homestead Revival's 20th Preparedness Challenge.


  1. I haven't had a great peach yet this year. I'll have to keep trying!

  2. No great peaches here either. Hope that entire box is full of great ones. Have fun canning and making jam and best of all, eating them!

  3. You're right, putting up food is a fantastic skill to pass along to your daughters.

    Those peaches look delicious! (o:

    Oh!--And I LOVE your new header picture. (o:

  4. I wish I knew how to can..I'm scared to do it on my own of fear of contamination...that's terrible but yeah...I would love to have stored up food of my own..lovely peaches..have a blessed evening Janice

  5. Those peaches look so good! I can't wait until peaches are in season here!

  6. I buy my peaches from an Amish widow farmer, Mrs. joke! I can Harkin or Veteran. Easy peeling and seeding. YOur peaches look delicious!

  7. Those Coral Star peaches look amazing. Our peaches are not quite ripe yet, a few more weeks, but it won't be a big harvest, we had late freezes and snow on May 21st (Southern California Mtns) unusual. Please check in and let us know how they taste. Have a GREAT week.

  8. So how were the peaches? I have never heard of a Coral Star. We cannot grow freestone peaches here only cling stones, but that doesn't spot me from growing and jamming them. :) I am going to plant 4 more late peach trees this winter so I can extend my harvest another month. you can never have too many peaches. :)
    xo and blessings


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