Saturday, August 27, 2011


We are in the red band "high" for threat level.  We are certain to get lots of rain - perhaps 8 inches.  We have cleared the decks so to speak - my whole deck is cleared off except the frame of the gazebo.  We also have taken the swings down, so they don't get broken if the wind is really whipping around. 

We are on the border of damage possible and widespread damage for wind impact.  This will be the problem for downed trees, branches and the possibility of power loss.  

My Mom and Nate are headed over to ride out the storm with us today.  My Dad is going to stay at their place or at the Fire Company - last big storm the guys just stayed at the Fire Station, they got called out so often.  If you think of it pray for my Dad's safety.  He is not a spring chicken anymore if you know what I mean, and the last hurricane that we got wind and rain from he was out in 75 mile and hour winds.  He is the guy in charge of closing roads etc, for flooding, downed trees, etc.

Tim is at work today, and has to work tomorrow.  Pray for his safety too, going to and from work and while at work.  

I am not overly concerned about this storm.  If we were in the evac areas we would be gone.  We are not "ride out the storm no matter what" kind of people.  We are west enough to not be in any danger to our lives.  We may lose trees, and power, perhaps the barn could have some damage due to a downed tree.  We may be inconvenienced but we will be fine.

Are you impacted by this storm? A blogging friend Kathy has an incredible story of when she lived through Hurricane Hugo over 20 years ago!  It is an amazing testimony.


  1. Praying Irene's impact is minimal-for you and also for those even closer to the shore.

    Sounds like you're as prepared as one can be for things like this. I'm thankful I don't have to deal with hurricanes at all.

    Take care, my friend. See you soon! Oh, and could you put in an order for NO hurricanes when we visit? Thanks. ;-)

  2. I thought of you when I saw the red was well into your area!

    It's amusing that Direct TV has a button you can push that tells you the top five programs being watched both in your time period and nationally.

    This morning both of them had The Weather Channel as #1!

    Stephanie's in that purplish color. Although they don't live on the coast, they are close enough to get some bad weather.

    They've done the same things you have, there isn't really anything else they can do but keep praying. She usually doesn't get too concerned about weather but the officials are taking this very seriously and it's making her tense.

  3. I've been praying for you and your family's safety. Thank you for posting how I can pray more specifically.

    Blessings and Hugs!

  4. My daughter and family live in Central NY west of Albany and is in the red band also. Another dear friend is in N. Carolina and had to evacuate. We will be praying for you and your family and all those on the east coast. May the Lord watch over you all and keep you safe from harm.

  5. Praying for you all!!
    love ..Trish

  6. Deanna - Checking in to see how you're doing and note you added a link to my story. Thanks! Keep thinking on it today. I am totally at peace - far cry from all those years ago! God grows us in faith.

    Our church's radio station is one of the emergency stations. We've had that playing all day - good to hear 20 minute updates from our good friend and station manager. Also, staying connected with everyone via facebook!

    I go all my school paperwork done this afternoon. Very productive!

    Currently, we have well over 2 inches of rain - and we're barely at the start of the nasty. Our worst time will be overnight and early in the morning. Enjoying having power while we do.

    Stay tight - God is in control and has all things in order for His highest glory!



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