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Friday, July 9, 2021

Good News Friday


Today's good news is items I have found around the internet.

The big news from this week is the class action law suit being brought by DJT and thousands of others who had their first amendment rights of free speech taken away from them by being deplatformed on differing social media platforms.

For myself I have had stories on Instagram censored and blocked. The powers that be in the dem party and the ceo's of big tech don't like people sharing anything other than the narrative they want people to believe.

They have to work harder now too, because people are not watching the legacy media anymore, and few are watching the cable shows. They don't like that with a bit of research regular people can find out the truth on their own.

This lawsuit is going to have wide ranging consequences due to the discovery phase of the case. Big Tech is going to have to provide information they don't want to provide, and the plaintiffs in the case will have a lot of areas they are sharing due to the various reasons that they were deplatformed.  The vir*s, vaxxines, child s*x trafficking's, human trafficking of adults, p*rn, the el*cti*n.

I think it's going to reveal so much.

Also this week the judge in the Ghislaine Maxwell case has ordered that all her documents related to the Clint*n's and their foundation be released.

While there are so many areas that the left are trying to overstep the constitution in, we also see many people waking up and standing up against it. 

You can see one dad from Pennsylvania speak out at their local school board meeting and stand for the Constitutional right to free speech. Link {here.}

We have Governors who are being to speak out against people going door to door to ask about whether citizens have been vaxxed. {here}

I'm seeing a rise in people being proud to be Americans. You can see fans at an Islander's hockey game {here.}

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Lots of scare tactics are being employed by this regime. It is nasty beyond words. An evil so heinous that some people can't believe that it is even true. It also proves that there is no love for their countrymen. They truly hate us.

    Have you also heard of the class action law suit by the Frontline doctors? Check it out.

    You enjoy the weekend. It appears that we are in a rainy phase for July. We really need the rain, but no one enjoys days upon days of rain. Perhaps some of this is Elsa related.

    1. *hi Vee. please send rain our way :: fires. sigh.
      *and your first paragraph? spot on.

  2. May you have a very good week-end as well.

  3. My daughters just met the young lady who sang at that Islander game. They were both at the same studio a few nights after it happened. It was a chill inducing moment and nice to see in a country (and a state) so often divided. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Yes, we have to continue to search for our news. Not just swallow what is fed us. Yish....


  5. I'm encouraged by your post, and also to have learned this week that there are many people around the country who are forming organizations designed to protect freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Hope you're having a great weekend. Deanna. Hugs.

  6. Good news, indeed! Louis Dean and I watched DJT speak tonight. First time I have sat down and watched any political thing in a long time! So worth the watch!


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