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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Work Day

Kyle and I are heading to my parents house today to load up a small dumpster! My house is messy from family summer activities like grands spending the night, and swimming, but who cares? We are living life!

I'll try to get photos today, but we are in the non glamourous stage of getting a house ready to sell. It feels as if we've been at this forever, but its just been a few weeks, and not full time activity. The house should be on the market after August 10th.

It's funny, but my parents house has been in our lives nearly as long as the house I grew up in. It will be missed, as we've had a lot of good times in that house. 



  1. Step by will happen! Prayers for your and yours....

  2. Wishing you joy and peace in this journey. As you say, you're living life!

  3. Hope your parents are all fine, with all the stuff that has to go in the dumpster. And how wonderful, to have them being part of the culling. An awful lot of people, have to do all this, after their parents have gone. I was an only child and the whole thing, was up to me. HORRRRRIBLE!!!! You will not be faced with that, someday.


  4. I just learned that my childhood home will be on the market soon. Interesting times.

  5. It sounds like you've been very busy lately with grands, anniversaries and life!! And it all sounds good!!


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