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Monday, July 19, 2021



Our weekend was lowkey, and it ended with sad news.

Friday, as I said in my post, we met with the realtors. We are excited about getting the house listed. In the evening, we had family night with almost everyone, the local grands and their parents were not here. 

With just adults in the pool, there was a lot of Marco Polo and tipping people off their floats! (grin)

We moved indoors to play games later. I'm glad for these times together.

Saturday, we got a slow start but Tim painted the guest bedroom (my dad will sleep there until the addition is built), and I started decluttering my closet. Kyle painted the bedroom door, carried things downstairs (we're moving several bookcases downstairs for now) and generally helped out. I made a curried chicken salad for dinner. We were all pretty tired.

Yesterday, my parents came for lunch after church, and we had Kamryn and Klaire with us. Kyle and Kam went swimming, while Klaire rested. We chatted with my parents about details for selling their house, then my mom and I were looking at the master suite, which is where she'll sleep and they'll have a sitting room space when they move in. Tim later took both girls for a swim.

We talked about where my mom wants to put her bed, and how to arrange certain things. We have the plans pretty well figured out for their addition, but we have to find a builder. Tim is going to do the general contracting on this project.

Last evening, I texted my friend who is married to an Amishman, and asked how he was doing. She had come by here on Wednesday to talk on her way to the hospital to see him. He had been having some confusion and we were praying that God would clear that up so he could come home.

He did come home and that is where he breathed his last breath yesterday. Katie told me this about his passing, "It was beautiful and peaceful and sacred. Unexpected, but blessed."

I'm sad for our friends. Together they had two daughters in their early 20's, two late teen boys, and two young boys ages 5 and 6. They are grieving deeply. Please pray for Ruthie and Rhoda, Morris and Virgil, and Emanuel and Andrew.

Thank you friends.


  1. I'm sure you are so happy, you put the pool in!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good progress on the next big plans.

    So sorry for your friend, who lost her husband. With so many children and young ones. Hope the Amish Community will help them, now and in the future.


  2. ohhh the bitter with the sweet.
    i'm so sorry to learn of your friend's loss, deanna.
    i will be praying... <3

  3. You host such good family get togethers!
    I'm glad your friend's passing was a sweet one.....still painful for the family. Saying a prayer for them now....

  4. So sad for your friend who lost her husband leaving her with such young children. Her description of his passing is precious...they were on Holy Ground. It was good that he was able to be home.

    Busy days; exciting times at your place. Praying for you all.

  5. Sorry to hear your friend's husband died, I am praying for the family to be given support and peace. Your pool looks like family fun in a nice location.

  6. A new and exciting time at your house making special plans for your Parents. I am sorry for the loss of your friend and I will pray for this family🙏🏼 Hugs


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